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May 13, 2010



*Cue Twilight Zone theme music"
I just checked out the Handkerchiefs book from the library on Monday for research.

Sure, I hoard, I mean, collect vintage towels, tablecloths, napkins and handkerchiefs. Those Tammis Keefe pieces are wonderful. I love linens with flowers and bright red, yellow, aqua, and blue.


Lovely introduction to a brilliant designer, the thin lines, colors, and whimsy inspire me! I especially love her take on calico cats and the lively city and carnival piece. I'll have to keep an eye out for her work.

amy zimmer

Wish I knew what I was collecting! Then I would know more about where to find it! Kittle tea towel is fabulous. My sister put a SF world's fair scarf in a shadow box that looks pretty good. Think we could do that with fav. fabric and tea towels? On stretcher bars maybe?

Ashley Ann

Those are so cool! I love the cats and the houses. I probably wouldn't be able to part with those if I had found them!

Vicki K

Thank you for this introduction! I love those designs - can't believe I haven't heard of her before.

In your Reselling theme, I was curious about how you know when not to relist an item. Do you always set it aside for another time or if there is no interest at all do you give it up?

Thanks for your wisdom, Selena.


I seldom, if ever find anything designed by her. But I have seen them over the years online, and whenever I have fallen in love with anything, it ended up selling for WAY more than my budget will allow for, say, a tea towel or handkerchief.
But I DO love her stuff!


That cat tea towel is just gorgeous, and I love the houses hankie too. Wonderful finds, as always. And many thanks for your previous post on reselling items - you always have such inspirational and useful advice to give. Thank you.


I love these designs. I was not familiar with her name but I'm going to have to check a few vintage handkerchiefs I have...I'm thinking they may be hers.

So fun meeting you last night and chatting!

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

What adorable towels--love 'em!


Stunning designs. Love them. Love seeing what treasures fellow bloggers find.


Oh, you've introduced me to a wonderful new addiction! These are just fabulous graphics. Thank you so much.


Just spotted this in the "You might also like"...Did you know Tammis Keefe also went by "Peg Thomas"? I found one with that name a while back and researched it.


Amazing! Those handkerchief were really caught my attention. I love the designs.

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