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May 10, 2010



Now I'm inspired to do some thrifting in quiet neighboring cities, like St. Augustine 45 minutes south of me. I love your fanciful fabric and kaleidoscope finds!


Playmobil! What a great find! I can't resist old Fisher-Price toys or Playmobil, even though my youngest is 8, and the rest of my children are too old for toys now. I now have granddaughters who come to visit and they love those old toys.

All your finds look worth the drive!

The Raven

I love the warm look of the dominoes. Beautiful. I wonder if there is some way to use them in decorating? Lovely.

amy zimmer

OMG! Super! Can't wait! A


What a great way to discover the Napa side of our Sonoma mountains! To me, your adventure in Yountville sounds like the perfect Mother's Day present - early! And full of everything from the best-ever freebies to a favorite plaything I share your sentiment for ~ kaleidoscopes!


A SERGER!! I am jealous!!

I want one...although I am kinda scared of the monster machines..

Love the fabric, the one marked 25 cents is my favourite


You can rub a Q-tip of Formula 409 on one of the dominoes. If the q-tip is yellowed than they are Bakelite, if not, than they are another form of plastic. They are lovely whatever they are. Lucky you.


I love community sales...our lake has a huge yard sale every June. It sure makes sense, w win win situation.

Glad you got some great things!! :-)



A serger for free? You lucky lucky lucky lady!

Cathe Holden

1. Love that you paid for your serger with a hug. So sweet.

2. The vintage fabric is delicious!! Major envy!

3. Your photographs, especially the kalidoscope, are awesome.

I adore your style, Selena!

Hope you had a really nice Mother's Day, you so deserved it.

Cass Ward

OMG I would to have sales like that here. I'm drooling over everything you got.


great finds!

medieval dresses

I hope I will have the luck same as you. I'm drooling over your finds.. Phew!

Amanda Jo

I just found your blog and link party!!! I am just a wee bit jealous of the kaleidoscope you found... It's beautiful!!!!


That's amazing!! I'm so jealous! Great finds! I would have jumped for joy at that Playmobil. You might want to check it out, some of those western buildings sell for a lot of money on Ebay if they're older (I wish I kept mine from when I was little, it's now worth something like $200), but perhaps Keiran is already enjoying it. :-)



The playmobil was definitely a nice score. Alcohol at a yard sale? Ha.

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