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May 17, 2010



That is some beautiful thrifty goodness. I let myself explore for about an hour in a new thrift store myself to great finds- but not at the same quantity and value that you scored at the estate sale!

ana @ iMadeItSo

i know what you mean about getting so much for so little, and enjoying the benefits... i had the same thought when i got a stack of classic children's novels recently.

what is that pretty blue fabric thing on the tray?


$10 for all that is amazing! Maybe I should get over my fear of estate sales and go back to them. They are few and far between here, and usually the term "estate sale" used in these parts signals higher than normal prices, but seeing what you've been able to find makes me think it would be worth it to give it a try.


OK, and I was so excited about my new (to me) $3.00 office chair we found at a yard sale on Saturday!! But your loot puts that to shame! Sounds like a fun day was had by all. :)


What a great score! I was thinking of you and your Battleship search when I finally found a popcorn popper! I refused to buy one new (not sure if I really needed/wanted one mostly) and finally found one used only once for $2.

This weekend I found a bunch of quality paperback kid's books for 10c each. Also a bunch of random stuff like a vintage badminton set for 25c, a jar of shells for 50c, tea lights for 25c. My big purchases were a small wood table for my 3 1/2 year old to work on (I plan on doing some woodworking projects from this summer and decided he should have a table to work on his projects), an abalone shell for $1.50 and a small rubber mallet for $1.50. Most of this stuff is for my son. Who needs 'real' toys? :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

What fun finds! Digging through things in an estate sale are so much fun, you never know what you will find. Thanks for joining the party!

Vicki K

Thank you Selena for these thrifting posts - they are so much fun and I love the links too. What is the Harrods item? A book? Box o' buttons? Love the pitcher too.

The Yard Sale Girl

I love this post! Estate sales are amazing....I too love that you can come away with $100s of dollars of stuff you would buy anyway for only pennies. Wonderful! I love how you can go on a shopping spree, and only spent 10 dollars. So amazing :-)


Great finds! I just adore your blog and thanks for hosting. I just linked up. You are a great inspiration and encouragement for the thrifting lifestyle- thanks!!!


DUH!! somehow my link was replaced by your link--sorry relinking up

Cindy S

Wow, you found some really great stuff! I know your kids must have had fun. I had my 8 & 9 year old grands with me and they enjoyed themselves so much, they hated to go home.


I love the pitcher you found. I just finished up my last roll of packing tape I got at an estate sale from January 2009. There was a ton of it there. I'd love to find some more along with some other office supplies.


Fun things you found! I have those little glass bowls too, we use them for a small serving of mayo/ketchup or apple sauce for the kids. I bought them new from the store but they're great! :-)

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