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May 24, 2010



You found a lot of beautiful things! I didn't have the same luck with prices on my thrift adventure but came home with fun finds. I love the owl grater- that's so unique!


I love your finds - especially the children's books! What treasure!

I would never find any Waldorf school items in my area, but I do love looking through a Waldorf catalog and ordering when I can afford it.

The Yard Sale Girl

Lol. I got an owl like this this weekend too :-) It's slightly different, I think it is supposed to hang on the wall....but it looks almost exactly like this :-)


Ohh I love the punch bowl. I am looking for a glass ladle.. Good finds.


Wow! Too many sales going on. I'm really diggin the classic weighing scale! Does that still functions well? Great stuff!


I can't believe I missed a Waldorf rummage sale! Love, love, love the punch bowl.

Kim McLaughlin

Great party! Thanks for inviting me to join. You found some great stuff girl!


LOVE the punch bowl!!



I have been reading your blog (love it!)for several months and have finally started a blog so now I can participate in Thrift Share Monday too!

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

Ahhhh, I love the owl grater!! So cute :)


Great finds! I think one of the toughest aspects of being thrifty and reselling can be actually *parting* with our fortunate finds. Sometimes I just can't quite let go!

Selena Cate

This happened to me just this very week. I keep coming across a book that sells for $30 and yet every time I have it in my hands I want to read it and keep it. I also found this fabulous infrared heating pad. I so wanted to keep it but some of the new ones sell for $220. At this time I just cant talk myself into keeping something so valuable. But the kiln is another thing. I still havent made myself sell it. I may keep it. I adore it. Think I can hide it from Dave?


How is it that I've missed this wonderful site?
I am following and linking.
Thanks for the lovely comment.


Sorry, my info didn't come up. It's Erin from Yard Sale Snoop in Toronto.

Rachel Wolf

The owl grater is for ginger. You might just want to keep it. A ginger grater is in weekly use around here. (Peel the ginger with a spoon then grate on owl belly.)

We live in a Waldorf-small town (maybe the only one in the country), so every garage sale is a Waldorf gold-mine. I've picked up $1 Waldorf dolls, dollmaking supplies, wooden toys, and my latest score was Orchard game ($4). Happy thrifting!


Wow, that glass punch bowl is AMAZING. I don't know when I'd ever use a punch bowl, but there's no way I could have left that in the box.


love the scale and owl best.. amazing whats out there I LOVE it!

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