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May 31, 2010


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Wow, sterling for $1. I have never found any real sterling while thrifting, but plenty of silverplate. It's good too, but yours is beauttiful.


great post...liked in with my thrifty use of a Subway carrier for gift packaging. Happy Memorial Day!!


I love the ceramic funnel and the cotton rug- beautiful! I hope you have a relaxing Memorial Day. I'm off the PC to go enjoy mine...

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

oh the sweater and hat for Keiran are just darling! and that funnel is too cute--love rooster stuff :)

Teresa Raines

I never go out on Memorial weekend because in Santa Clara there are few garage sales. It seems like most people are gone for the weekend. You found a few nice things though. I'm going to look for those sterling pieces now. :)


love the funnel!

and the cartier dish is amazing. what a find.

love your new header btw. too cute.


I actually found tons and tons of sale in my area but I was overwhelmed and chose not to go to any. But then I was running an errand and saw signs posted and hit that one estate sale.I bought pinking shears and glitter(which made me think of you :)


Sterling! Now I compulsively turn over every piece of silver I see, thanks to you!


I love your funnel too. You're a magnet for silver! :)


I love your silver dish!! I hope you make good money on it!


That funnel is so unique, great finds! Thanks for hosting the "Thrift Share Monday" is has been great to participate as well as check out what others have found.

Rachel Wolf

The funnel. The funnel! I'm rooster ceramics obsessed of late. It is fantastic! Must. Have. The funnel.

Rachel Wolf

And Huckleberry Finn and Blueberry Muffin?! You are a girl of my own heart. These were my scented-plastic obsession in 1980.

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