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June 16, 2010


Shara plans are to do as little as possible & maybe learn a new craft, perhaps finally do something with all that macrame stuff I keep buying.


School's out in 2 days and I've thought about a summer schedule but haven't written out anything yet. My main goal is to get us outdoors and out of the house more this summer. I'd like to have scheduled days to go to the library, have a picnic lunch at a local park and go swimming at the local pool (I even have a bathing suit this year!). I'm also have some cleaning projects on my agenda.


I miss leisure summers. I'll be in an office 11 hours a day (like now!) every week day all summer, but this post has inspired me to take ONE day out to visit a body of water or do something similarly fun and summer filled. It's my favorite season, after all...

Good luck keeping on schedule, I think I'll write one of my own...


i wish i could have a leisurely summer, but alas, work beckons. i still have some goals:
blog 3x weekly
continue to learn to knit & crochet
make art 3x weekly
film at least 2 arty tutorials for youtube
visit family in portland
i'll be busy for sure!

Vicki K

This is great Selena - my husband always talks about the statistics (which now I can't remember) about people who Write Down their goals and plans. You've inspired me yet again.


my kids have been out of school for a month already....So I'm a pro, haha My kids have been fishing alot and its free. we like to come up with different food items for bait and see what works best.

We start working back at the lodge next week so I'm hoping for big tips to help pay for school clothes. I never use to talk like this last year I sure hope and pray things pick up along with the economy!!

you always cheer me up with your frugalness hey a new word.


I think it is awesome that you can earn income doing what you love! Yay for you!

I enjoy doing decorative painting (murals, kids' bedrooms) and gardening for fun, and sometimes for cash too!

Queen of Fifty Cents

Thanks for listing the library first! I always say it's the one place in town where it pays to borrow!

Teresa Raines

My academic work year has ended. I've tidied the library and closed it for the summer. I'm also taking one last class for the Master's. Beyond traveling to Washington D.C. next week, the summer seems to be open, but I want to sell, sell, sell all of my collectibles in storage. You've inspired me to continue to pursue selling books and my other "junque," as the summer progresses. Only 9 weeks until the school year begins again!

amy e zimmer

hugging Selena.


Wow! That is a lot going on. I am taking a month away from the desert heat and heading with the kids to my mom's home in Wisconsin. Something I do every year. We just spend our days doing the small town things and hanging out at parks and playgrounds and lakes.

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