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June 21, 2010



Gorgeous finds, you found a huge collection! My favorite is the Scandinavian fabric map. Lately I've been into collections too. I'm building up on art (folk, vintage, local, anything unique) and Japanese designs.


As you know, we found a 1960's Dorothy Thorpe martini set and a brand new Longaberger basket with solid maple lid. The previous weekend we found a 1960's Teasmade, a 30's Sunbeam toaster and a 40's electric popcorn popper. All are either on Ebay right now or will be soon. What fun! Our new name on Ebay is "highplainsthrifters". Bill says he is a born shopper - who knew?

Absolutely LOVE the Scandinavian pieces. Christmas will be a blast!


Beautiful! My mother's family is Swedish, and we decorate at Christmas with a number of Swedish treasures. My sister married on Santa Lucia day and gave straw ornaments as her wedding favor, along with an explanation of the day.


I really like the fabric map! So colorful!

I have been bummed by some unsuccessful thrifting trips recently...they can be draining without good finds!


This is one of my favorite posts of yours. I love all of the Christmas you got, so sweet.


I love the Swedish pieces! How wonderful that they touched Dave so much :) Cary has some Swedish heritage--I think he'd enjoy these as well.


I could almost weep with joy for you. !!!! Fabulously gorgeous finds!

ana @ iMadeItSo

hi selena. such beautiful pieces! i was almost not going to post my share today, because it's more of an after-thought to a boring post about cleaning out your microwave... but after reading this, i thought i'd put it up because it does show a favourite thrifted find. which was made in norway.

that photo of you and cerys is lovely.

have a great week, thanks for hosting this.


I've really starting loving Swedish items too. These are all adorable!


Thrift Share Monday is my absolute FAVE! I always take time to go read all the participants...Thank you so much for having a TSMonday! I'm enjoying thrift adventures all over the U.S. and England! Your pile of tomtes are wonderful...I can picture unraveling them every Christmas to make mischief on the Christmas Dinner Table! The sellers' Christmas treasures found the perfect new family's home!

Angie of

Beautiful items. I love how unique each one is and how special they are to your family! Thanks for sharing Mondays, and for allowing us to participate! :-)


Your finds are so interesting! I haven't been thrift shopping for a few weeks, but seeing your finds motivates me to get back to it!

Mama Rose

I absolutely LOVE the items you found...great score mama! They are all so darling. There's something about swedish ornaments that are so warming. I think my attraction to them personally is the folksiness (is that even a word-lol) and being that most are hand painted :D I'm sure your family is going to love them for many years to come! Thanks for sharing those with us :D

Anne Marie @ Married to the Empire

Now I understand! You've mentioned finding Figgjo stuff in the past, and that caught my attention because most Americans aren't familiar with it. I used to live in Norway, too. My family moved there when I was a junior in high school, so I finished school there.


Oh I loved this! I have lived in Sweden and would have swooned too to find these.

I also just read your post about letter-writing, and I enjoyed it. I still have one pen pal from Germany and write to my best friend (when I was 7) from CA.

In that post, you had a picture of a wooden Castel Pencilholder. I have one I got from Steiner Storehouse online. Sadly it's out of business. I would like to get some as gifts and cannot find anywhere to buy them. Do you know a store that sells them, especially somewhere online in the US? Thank you!


My MIL was Norwegian and brought us some Dala horses just before my first child was born - 2 big horses and 1 smaller horse. I love those designs, too. We also inherited her Porsgrund Farmer's Rose china. We think fondly of her every time we open the cupboards and see it. A fun craft for you and the kids might be to make Dala ornaments from felt. It is a pretty easy project, but fun!


They are so cute! Love the Santa Lucia!


eek!! how delightful!! what beautiful treasures.

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