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July 29, 2010



Can I please just jump in that fabric bin and wallow for a while? :)


I haven't done too much thrifting on the road. When I visited one of my sister-in-laws about 5 years ago, we thrifted quite a bit around in and around Austin, Texas. I had to buy an extra suitcase at a garage sale for $1.00 in order to fit all of my finds. Thankfully, this was in the days before the airlines charged for all of the extra bags or it wouldn't have been cost-productive. I guess I'd have to say pack light so there's room for everything to come home with you. :)

Selena Cate

well thats a good point that I had forgotten to mention. Especially since we dont have enough room for all the things that I have purchased on this very trip. I suggested to Dave that we leave the tent behind. He just didnt find that funny.
xoxo Selena

melina bee

I would suggest readers who check out the outlets bring some hand wipes or wear latex gloves. Usually I have no problem, but clothes are often unwashed etc. etc. and it is generally a bit dirtier all around than in a normal thrift shop


I can't wait to do more "on the road" thrifting with my weekend thrift trips. Many of my friends that moved out of town urge me to visit them for "Thrift Adventures". Ah, if only this was my full time work..


I love to hear how other gals plan thrifty vacations too! I always plan a few stops along my exciting to hit a new thrifty spot ;-)

Amy Sumrall

Ooooh this is a timely post for me. I am getting ready to take my oldest daughter up to college in Tallahassee from south Florida and I want to hit some of the less urban spots on the way home! Thanks for all of your great advice!


I'd never heard of geocaching before. I can see how that would be a nice diversion for dad and kids while you were busy doing your own treasure hunt at the thrift store.



I have the same glass. the yellow depression era one :)

And I agree, my dh wasn't that keen in the begining but has changed his tune when he saw the stuff selling on ebay :)

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I can't remember which blog I saw it on, but there is a great website I have been using now for about 6 months called Thrift Shopper. You can put in the name of the city and state or the zip code, and all the thrift shops that are in that area (that have registered on the site) pop up. And there are even sporadic reviews of them. I've used it when we travel down the Oregon coast. It even has their hours of operation! Here is the link:


I havent done any actual thrifting while traveling, just hit a few antique stores. But the other day my hubby was browsing the Craigslist for the area in Virginia that we had been to earlier this year, and I think next time we might try and do some. The prices there for the most part are much better than the prices here.

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