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July 07, 2010



sometimes I think it is best to go with the flow, if everyone is happy and contented you doing need much of a schedule. The happy bit is the most important, and you have your camping trip to look forward too as well.

the letterpress box looks great, and will look even better with little squares of the vintage paper you snaffled up. I would leave some squares plain wood because its so pretty and would look neat with random squares of paper... possibly a few bits painted in a thin wash too? just an idea anyway it sounds like a great project!


I think the typecase box jewelry display is a great idea :) there's even a flickr group dedicated to the ways that people have repurposed these little beauties. I found one and turned it into storage for all my bits and pieces of antique lace and trim. So much prettier and easier to see than all jumbled up in a box like before.


I think the letterpress boxes will make gorgeous jewelry displays, the colored paper would make it pop. But if you were to use it to store nick-knacks I'd leave the background plain so each object stands out. Looks like a fun project.

I need a summer schedule myself, house is chaos. Laundry closet cannot be opened...


omg! love the letterpress box! would love to see finished pics too!

Nancy S

I have one of those letterpress boxes! I love it. I thought about painting or decoupaging it but never envisioned something I was happy with. So I hung it up as is and filled it with rocks and shells and dried plants and various tiny art pieces. I like the wood background with the nature specimens. I'll be eager to see how you alter yours. I still look at mine occasionally and wonder if I should "art it up".

Summer should be the anti-schedule time! As the kids grow up I think you will find your summers get less and less structured. We all need unstructured time to figure out who we are and what we love. Enjoy.


I love your idea! I also like the idea of painting or whitewashing squares like Apryl said. My mom has one. In hers she has small keepsakes from traveling. We bought her a tiny Eiffel Tower when we went to Paris years ago. It ended up matching the one her father bought when he was in WW2. Be sure to show us the finished project!


When I visit my folks in SLO (very rarely, sadly, as I live in NY) I always try to go at least twice to the Goodwill Outlet. The people there can be a little koo-koo trying to be the first one in a new bin but I think it is fun. We don't have anything like that locally (we're very rural) so besides Pismo and Shell Beach and the Splash Cafe I am all about that Outlet. (and now I feel lame confessing to traveling 2500 miles to go to Goodwill)

The Yard Sale Girl

Cool! I love this box, and I love the display idea!

Vicki K

Hi Selena, I just happened upon bluebirdheaven at Etsy this morning - you can see your idea for the jewelry holder in photos!


I am going to be honest and say NO - do not use it as a jewelry display box. There must be a better use for it.
And now, I have to go check out the flickr group and see what others have done with theirs.


My son lives in San Mateo south of Frisco and they feel like their life is a vacation. My son loves wearing casual to his job as a youth director at a church, sandals and flip flops woo hoo. I love reading about your buying and selling and ideas. Thanks, Abiga/Karen

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