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July 30, 2010


Kelsey Kelly

Have a nice time in your old hood. Hope there is tons of fresh loot for you :-) I hope your parents get to take their train ride, and I love your idea of selling their old finds for their new adventure.


Very nice post. My parents are pack rats- not to the level of the popular show "Hoarders" but they still have mountains and mountains of junk they don't use. I love how your parents are willing to share theirs to find their trip.

It'll be a while before I convince my parents to sell and donate their piles of junk they don't use.

Vicki K

You really are a treasure sleuth, Selena! That lock is really interesting - and the cuff links too. It is such a great idea to use the items in the house to accomplish a goal like that. I hope you have beautifully successful results!


How wonderful! The detective work is my favorite part. Hope you bring in the big bucks!

A Twitter User

If there's anything that looks exceptionally valuable, see if a local auctioneer will appraise it when you get home. Some, especially Skinner here is Boston, are very non-collector friendly, actually having open appraisal days. YMMV..

Teresa Raines

The lock is really interesting. I've never seen anything like it. Good luck hunting this weekend.

knutty knitter

The lock is interesting :)

Not much use thrifting round here - too far from anywhere. I do like to hit the 2nd hand shops on my own account though. Who knows - I might pick up something worth the postage.

Hope you make the total for them - its a good cause.

viv in nz

ps I've put lots of pics up on my own blog - comes of finally learning how :)



Selena - is there something we can do as a community to support your parents making this trip? I get so much from YOU on this blog that if feels like this may be the perfect time to give back. For instance a "Ride the Rails to Virginia" or "Boxcar Bonanza" (I am sure you could thing of a better title) auction on your blog - and your readers' blogs - we auction off a box of thrifed goodies, or an item, and the $$ go back to you via paypal. I, for one, would be interested! Please let me know what you think-
Love to all of your family,


In junior high and high school I was looking into professions like medical researcher or library researcher just because I like finding the details, the story behind the well known facts. So I am proud to be a junker.
I have family that are hard core railroad affictionatos. Dh was just saying he would appreciate the Union Pacific memorabilia. Railroad museums are a great source of information but if you want the best detail, find older members of a rairoad enthusiasts club. They love to tell you all they know and would be great customers too.

Our guess for the combination lock is that it was from a money pouch or box.


Oh my, its been two years since this post is the padlock still for sale?!

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