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July 05, 2010



What a fabulous haul! I think it would be very hard to resist the sofa at that price - could you re-cover it? We've done that with old furniture and it's worked well with our kids and pets.


I LOVE all your finds! Those are the types of estate sales that I (literally) dream about! I just love how all her things were so lovingly cared for and stored over the years...I can almost imagine what type of lady she must have been! Such beautiful taste!

Let us know what you do with the really is cool.


If I lived near you that sofa wouldn't last long in your house at all! I absolutely love it. Way to go on your early thrifting!

ana @ iMadeItSo

oh wow. fantastic finds... the couch is gorgeous, really. and the price would be hard to pass up. i wish we had space for such a long couch, it can seat so many people! the other thing that caught my eye is that lovely bunch of wrapping paper. those lady bugs! ahh!

and so cute that you have a "lucky charm" when you go thrifting :)

i'll be back later to check out everyone else's finds. i always look forward to it, it's almost like the thrill of thrifting without the spending.

~ ana


I would never give up a couch like that. Can you sew up an easy slipcover? Even a white one you can throw in the wash? Oh well...if you sell it I hope you make a fortune on it.

I enjoyed this post sooo much!! But I wanted to see the 1960's suitcases!

oona b

Oh my! You scored! Loving all the Christmas ornaments and goodies. The record player/sofa is AMAZING! You could put a long blanket on the bottom to ward off pet/animal stains?


Wowzer, what fabulous finds. I adore that sofa (not that it would fit into my living room,) could you cover it with some throws or something to save the upholstery?

If you ever want a Jamie Oliver magazine posted over to you let me know (or indeed any other UK magazine) - maybe we could do a swap for a copy of Living Crafts magazine.


I am so astounded by this I don't even know what to say. Wow.
You are a VERY lucky gal!


wow! i am so impressed with your scores! i happily spent $20 for some vintage glass and old books this weekend, but that certainly doesn't compare with your finds! :)


Don't sell the sofa... reupholster it! It's AMAZING!


Amazing finds, but that sofa takes the cake! You know, if the color doesn't hold up well, it looks like it would be really easy to slipcover it in a washable fabric. You got an excellent deal.


Wow!! A true Christmas in July! AMAZING finds!!


You need to write a book...I'm so impressed have you thought of reselling to local stores?


Fantastic finds! The couch wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house but it is very attractive.


I have never been to a call for appointment estate sale. I could feel your excitement through your words. And the tension when another buyer arrived!
I believe the metal shreds on a wire are tassles, just decorative.
Since there were no sales near me this weekend I enjoy reading about (and getting excited over) other people's fortunate finds.


You DID hit the mother load. I love...everything, hard to choose a favorite. I think it's all that vintage wrapping paper. I'd find some nice framed and frame a piece from each one, especially the tomatoes!


What great finds (and good luck charm)! I was especially impressed with the Pendleton blankets. I'm from Oregon, where Pendleton is local and valued. Vintage in good condition? Priceless!


Holy Toledo! That is amazing. I cannot believe your boat load of treasure you brought home with you. How incredible. Way to go, girl!

Hope you have a very wonderful day,

Teresa Raines

Love love love the pink birds. I would have bought all of that great stuff too.


This post has been lucky for me. Soon after reading it I checked next weeks sales online. There is an estate sale in a small cottage in the woods. Some of the pictures posted show antique gadgets and glassware and an entire garage shelving unit overflowing with old Christmas items.
I think I will plan on standing in line to get in there early.

Rachael Harland

Selena, I am so excitied... what a blessed day of thrifting (garage saleing as we call it here). I am rivetted and now have a huge bubble of excitement! I am new to blogging and was inspired by Julia and Julia and my late friend Dee... check it out if you get a chance!


Oh wow, what a sale. You know it's a good one when you sacrifice health and hunger! But your finds were worth it. That box of ribbon alone is amazing. And the couch! It is fabulous!! Love it.

A Twitter User

Hi Selena! The real find is the turntable! It's a vintage Garrard, which as the daughter of an audiophile I can tell you is quite sought after if the speakers were in fact made in Great Britain! You could possibly recoup the cost of the entire find if the right buyer wants the hi-fi equipment. Get the model and/or serial number and take a look online!

A Twitter User

It's Eleanor again (aka reformedcynic), this blogger might have some insight on your find:


omg what gorgeous wrapping paper! and the bulk load of felt!!! WANT!!!! What a wonderful day of thrifting! And for $50, you couldn't really leave that couch there.....

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