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July 05, 2010


Helen Ellis

Oh my lord, I am squealing over those Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper - that is my dream find! The record table is to die!

Selena Cate

Well you all have nearly talked me into keeping the couch. Im going to think about your fabulous ideas of how to protect it from the children and animals.


The vintage Christmas would be the find of my dreams. I LOVE vintage Christmas everything. Lucky you! Great find on the couch. Maybe in order to keep it, you could slip cover the cushions? Just a thought! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica R

OMG! SUCH envy!!!!


What an amazing and fun haul! All those little pink sparkly ornaments are super charming and I am covetous.

FYI, Rosenberg's is a long-defunct local department store that used to be in downtown Santa Rosa. They were still around (though in decline) when I was a kid, but have been gone for years now. It used to occupy the building on 4th St where Barnes & Noble is now, plus an annex across the street where Peet's now lives. Anyway, just a little local lore for you. And, I agree, the boxes rival the loot, sometimes.


I love what you found--beautiful vintage Christmas!

Amy Sumrall

Wowza, you hit the mother load! I am in awe! I think most of us DREAM of coming across a sale like that! I am drooling over the wrapping paper! I agree, I would frame some of those! The sofa is amazing! i don't know what your decor is like, but mine is leaning toward cottage-y and I tuck a different vintage sheet into my sofa pretty much every day, thanks to our dog who refuses to learn not to sleep on the sofa. it actually looks kind of cute. Then, I just whip it off, throw it in the wash with whatever else and tuck in a new one. I am not talented enough to sew a slip cover, so this kind of works for me. Way to go, girl!!!!


I am sharing the joy with you! I can just feel how thrilled you must have been because I know I would have too. The couch--what could you do? leave it? that would have been tragic!

Emma Angel

I am new to your lovely blog so wanted to pop in and say hi. Your thrifty finds are stunning. I am going to have a look through the rest of your blog. I have a feeling I could be here for a while.


Oh my goodness! What a day!!!! It must be a little snippet of what Heaven will be like :)
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, those pink birds. You found awesome vintage Christmas and crafty items, and I am so jealous!! I am now hooked on your blog!

Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer

I like that couch, but I must agree that white's a tough color!
What amazing Christmas finds!

Vicki K

The sofa is wonderful - and the thermos and case and wrapping paper. Wow - what a day! I am curious to know the fate of the sofa...besides its midcentmodness, it is a sewer's dream for making slipcovers with its clean lines and simple construction.


WOW! What a haul! You must have been in thrifting heaven! Dont you wonder what this woman's house must have looked like with all this stuff up? Wow!


Wow, amazing score! I'm so glad some of these old ornaments are still out there!


That sofa is just incredible beyond words...and with a record player cabinet attached???? Get out!!!

The fabric looks beautiful and in pretty good shape...a few ideas that may help keep it beautiful for a long time.

Spray with a fabric protector....these really do work and can help keep wet stains from ruining it.
For spot cleaning, get some sodium percarbonate. (also known as oxy-clean...but, percarbonate is much less from a chemical supplier)
The sodium percarbonate mixed with water and dabbed on stains works wonders....and will make sure you enjoy that beauty for a long time!!


What a great sale! I totally agree about the sofa, you should sew a slip cover for it. It has such great lines, definitely worth keeping!


That is the most amazing couch I've ever seen! I think you should get a plastic cover for it! haha


That couch is amazing! And I love the pink birds!

Charlene Austin

OMWORD!!! I am dieing at the gorgeousness of your finds. WOW WOW WOW!!!

Rhoda @ southern Hospitality

Oh, those are some fun Christmas finds. And that retro sofa, oh my goodness is that a relic from bygone days. But I do love the lines of the sofa. Maybe you can keep it clean.


Totally awesome finds! And congratulations for calling and getting out of your comfort zone! Good to know! I will start to call some of the "appointment only" folks - love all the Christmas stuff - but REALLY love the 5 dollar story - he is hooked now! He will always want to thrift!
Warm regards, as always

Christine H.

Ahhh! I couldn't have resisted that couch and turntable either. I love those striped boxes and wrapping paper! And we need pictures of the suitcases, please. :D

rae!!!! with a record player attached?!! come on! has to be keeper.


Wow! Love the wrapping paper, love the thermos, love the sofa! I would definitely recover it - it's not cheap but I bet it's a well-made sofa and sometimes the point of being thrifty is that you can afford to splash out when it really matters!

Stephanie Coop

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have fainted ,had to have smelling salts and probably other life saving measures. The pink birds are to die for. And the wrapping paper is over the top. I am so happy for you. that haul would have made my year. I still cannot quite get over the couch. Duh!!!!

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