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July 12, 2010



Wow, that coat is gorgeous and truly does look like an "Anthropologie" piece. I love all the art your found!

And I shuttered with anger just READING about the aggressive bookseller your encountered. Thank god I've never run into anyone like that. A fight would break out. You did the right thing by ignoring him and all the negative energy but I tend to get sucked in and getting negative right back. (Which results in atomic explosions)

Hope you don't mind my link since it's not a thrifty haul, but instead thrift inspiration since my camera's battery charger is tragically missing.


Do you, by any chance, have a monthly budget? I do, and I find it gives me a lot of freedom around purchases like the ones you made this past weekend.

For example, I allow $X per month on "household" purchasing (not cleaners - but anything required to maintain or beautify the house).

Even if I overspend in that category one month, I know that the money is "there" and budgeted for me to spend.

Not having "any" money available for these kinds of purchases (especially at those prices! I LOVE the print and the ceramic owl...) would be very difficult for me.

It would also be hard for me to just have a rule like "be frugal." What does that mean, exactly? I am sure you are frugal (I KNOW you are frugal) without having to remind yourself of it!


Ugh! What a horrible person that book buyer sounds like - brings back memories of similar people I used to encounter at large library books sales.

The rest of your finds are so lovely! Is the coat wool? It's beautiful!

Selena Cate

At this time we dont really have a proper budget. We are just spending as little as possible. In my head I try to spend 15% for things for the family and 85% on my business. And actually I did find a Le Creuset dutch oven for $20 which I purchased to ReSell so it all balances out in the end. We are simply building up our savings to help with the shortage we are experiences with our house that is for sale up on Bainbridge. Ill add a budge to my list of things to do. Great suggestion.
xoxo Selena


What great finds! I love the owls and that coat is gorgeous! I can't believe that guy either. What a jerk!

A Twitter User

I think there was something in the air this weekend - I helped someone I know in a business capacity this weekend, and was surprised by the negativity and cloud of energy surrounding the person. A real education! Kudos to you for removing yourself from the immediate energy, though do you think the overspending was a way to handle what you had just been through? I've done that in the past, as well as hit the candy and carbs aisle in similar circumstances.


Always love your finds. CA is different than where we live, for sure! :)


That coat is bea-u-tiful, what a fantastic find. Love the owl items too.


I love that blue owl and the owl print. So cute!


Oops, I guess I hit send before I could get all the info on my link. Sorry Selena! Hugs!

Selena Cate

Thanks Cathy. Have a great week and thanks for your comment.

Emma Angel

I can't believe that people behave like that! How rude!

Your finds are absolutely lovely. The coat is adorable! x


There have been many discussions on thrift lists about book buyers, especially those who are "scanner" people. It can be done without being pushy and rude! (I am not one of those.) Our library has a big sale coming up this wee and I'm sure I'll experience those book hoarders first hand.
I don't think your over spending is a reaction, it was just a necessity with wonderful deals. Eventually it evens out.

The Yard Sale Girl

I love those little jars! So cool! And the art is wonderful, sometimes it is best to avoid such aggressive energy and choose beauty and peace :-) Karma's gonna get that grumpy bookseller! I just know it :-/


Great finds! Looks like it was a fun sale. I've been in a huge drought lately and am itching to find a good one.


I love all of your owls & the artwork is beautiful--it all seems like a bargain at $90. Sorry about the "dealers", how awful.


I ran into "dealers" too this week and wrote about them in my post, too funny :) I emailed you with a question yesterday wondering if you got it ? LOVE the owls!!
and let me know when your Le Creuset goes on ebay I'll bid for sure!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the owl picture and the hat box!!! I even love the picture of the "child with bird"! Excellent finds!


What lovely finds! That coat is adorable. And did you say thrift craft store??? Heavenly. Where is it? I'd love to add it to my list of "must visit" places when I'm traveling.

And I can't believe that someone could be so disgustingly rude to another human being. For what? First dibs at used books? Someone needs a kick in the kharma.


absolutley awesome finds! i spent the weekend arting instead of thrifting, lol!


Love the coat! Finding vintage clothing is so rare these days. I always pick up hat boxes, too. Great for pretty storage!

Into Vintage

I agree with Erica - bad behavior for what? Shame on them.

Onto happier things - that coat is really fantastic. Hope to see a pic of you wearing it sometime. -amy


The book dealer sounds awful, folks that don't love what they thrift tend not to be as pleasant. Certainly they don't offer the companionship that comes with buying from someone who enjoys the hunt. So as someone who does this for a living- what do you think should be done with "scanners'. I volunteer at our library's resell shop. We get books from the library as well as donations. Should we let the scanners sit in the aisles and scan away?

Great find on the coat. I think the shorter sleeves are very flattering. I love wearing them, so convenient and comfortable.

ana @ iMadeItSo

the owl wall hanging is so interesting, and i can see why the jacket won your heart. lovely!

thanks for sharing and for the chance to share with your readers, selena.

have a great week...


Selena Cate

Very good questions Jane. I am not against having a scanner, since I do use one. It has given me a lot of education and money in the bank. But there is etiquette to using any technology in public. We have manners for using cell phones (well some of use and scanners should be included. I look at one book at a time and scan it while I am looking at it. I also look at the covers because I like to learn as I go. Some books shock me for being worthless on certain online venues. The positive thing about any polite bookseller is that they tend to spend a lot of money and will consistently return over and over again. Its sadly the rude ones that can ruin bookselling for all of us. Some people would barely notice me scanning unless they were right next to me. But I never crowd other shoppers, I dont make stacks to look through later and I am always very polite to the yard sale host or the library volunteers. You all do such incredible work for our libraries and community. I used to help out at the Bainbridge Island library and I loved working with everyone.

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