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August 03, 2010



I buy plastic totes every time I see one cheap.


My idea of perfect storage is Amazon's warehouse! Love me that FBA.


I just long to have one room where I could exclusively store all my resale items. As it is, the house we are in at the moment is 'compact' to say the least, so there are piles of resale stuff pretty much everywhere - in the wardrobe, in drawers under the bed, and books and packing stuff stored in the dining room. It doesn't make for a tidy home!


Great post--I've seen in person how organized you are--it's impressive.


how wonderful to have a separate room dedicated to processing your finds, noticed how you have shelving, bins, closed boxes for different categories of stuff

we/I have do do sorting to figure out where things need to be, where they should be, too much of a wild tangle & not enough time, books under dining table, toys strewn, laundry to be folded

I was bummed out because our basement flooded the weekend before last, books I had listed that I had "temporarily" placed in paper shopping bags on the floor wicked up water & had to be thrown away, clothes in plastic bags got damp, what was I thinking other than I'll get to it later


OK deep breath for long-winded comment.
I am a reseller and use long Ikea open shelving that is very modern and sturdy. On that I have a wonderful thrifted or G-saled collection of fabric bins,wicker baskets and wire bins. I have items separated by the same categories as you.I make paper labels and tie them to the bin with contents, until I sell all. I have another long work area where I pack and have my Computer setup. I have a table near a great window that can be open for natural light or I can use my photo cube(which I have a love hate relationship with). I strongly dislike cardboard, in the South they draw spiders. Soooo I purchase large sterilite tubs every time they are on sale. I have them stacked neatly in the closet with cute sticky labels on them.
Things get cluttered from time to time, but separating everything into really specific bins helps me loads!!!

I long for more tables as well!!!!
With ebay have you ever thought of listing a few items at night and paying the few extra cents to put it on timer? I do, and I find it helps me stay focused with getting out the old inventory...(rubs hands with glee) so that I can treasure hunt for more more more.
Okay I will shut up now.


Thank you so much for posting all this great info! I am a stay at home mom who homeschools, and while I have two small businesses, both were hit pretty hard by the recession. Over the last couple of years I have really started thrifting seriously and I am giving much thought to becoming a re-seller. I love your posts!


You are really taken with American Pickers, aren't you!
I think anything you set your mind to, you will achieve and in short time.
Other than the rare yard sale, I have not seriously gone the reseller route yet. It is something I aspire to. I love the hunt and the find but can not possibly keep all this treasure. Right now I have NO organization and no excuses why I don't. I have all the room I could ever dream of.
I have been called a bin-oholic. I need to improve my labeling system (like have one.)
Thanks again for another helpful and inspirational post.


I've been slowly gathering items to resell and it's making life in my small 1 bedroom rental a bit of a challenge. I agree that shelves are a miracle worker when it comes to storage. I long for an open studio with plenty of shop shelves and book shelves for open storage and effortless organization. But first, to photograph and list my items and get the business running...

I love reading your reselling tips. Now if only we could bottle motivation...


I rent an apt in the top floor of a functioning church.The church used to be a country club in th 20s-30s.

Anyways, I have angled eaves all over the place and thus weird odd shaped closets. But but I have 4 kids and their treasures takes over all the room.

I long to move into a house with a garage!

Mama Rose

Oh your pictures bring back memories...accumulation-loL- augh!
I'm actually thinking about getting back into the reselling business, maybe in a year or two. I thank you for this article because it makes me think about having a better strategy than I did before for organization. Also, thanks for making me laugh when you wrote your warning before the pics ;D

Laura Lewis

hi from a Brisbane, Australia ebay seller. I love your blog and have been reading for a couple of months now. I particularly enjoyed this post. My husband and I love American Pickers it is the highlight of our viewing week. Like you I thrift and then resell. I dream of a setup like your small warehouse. We are renting and have no storage. My office and storage is in our living area and I will be posting pics soon of how I roll. check me out as I would love an accomplished and experienced blogger and seller like you to comment and advise - call it blog mentoring lol.
take care

amy zimmer

Whoo--Hooo! Now we know where that puppy is!!! Love you! A

Teresa Raines

I was just thinking today that I may need to find a dedicated space for storing, and processing all my items for resale. I have a stuffed storage unit that just needs to go... and I so want a space to set up for sewing. I share the dream sister!

lisa @thebeadgirl

thanks for all your sharing and tips! love it!

where do you sell your books? i always struggle with what is the best option?

lisa @thebeadgirl

Selena Cate

Hi Lisa. I sell the majority of books on Amazon with a few at Alibris, Barnes Noble. Biblio and ABE. I also sell books locally to used book stores and whatever I cant sell to any of those venues, I sell at my yard sale. Amazon is my favorite place though because it tends to have the largest buying audience. xoxo Selena

Rush'd Lady

I have never ending organization in my small cottage home. I'm showing some of that now on my blog. Will it stay static? Never! I live in the pile/style too! *smile*


I had to smile at your 'office' space looks the same!! I too have the same dream/fantasy of having a loft style warehouse with loads of natural day! In the meantime, my family and friends tease me constantly about my vast supply of 'stuff'!
Thanks for all the great tips and advice! your weekly look-for item...

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