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August 11, 2010


Kelsey Kelly

You are amazing. I can barely muster one blog every two weeks (or longer) and you put an amazing one up everyday, and then have a food blog as well. How delightful to read your food blog also. Thank-you for all of your writing.


Yum- love the "new" food blog and look forward to trying some of your recipes as you continue to update it. Looks like we were both food-blog minded today, I posted one of my first recipes today.


I admit I skimmed this post. Being on a food awareness plan (aka diet) and these days only cooking for myself food blogs are not a top priority for me. You had me smiling though when you mentioned your dad and food. My dad had similar interests. Letters to us (my sister and me) in college often included a list of menus (some were written on menus, thrifty dad) from business trips he had taken, or meal ideas he thought we'd like. He also left a lasting impression and seemed to know everyone. He could talk to anyone.

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Wow! Its so delicious! Yummy! I like that Brownies! :D

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