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August 23, 2010



The plates and art are beautiful, let go of the buyer's remorse. You'll enjoy it all for years to come.

This weekend on the way back from a cruise I passed a lot of flea markets and thrift stores I couldn't stop at while driving home from Orlando with a friend in tow. Bah!


Oh, how disappointing. We have similar experiences here with Estate Sales - waaay too high priced for us thrifty people, especially if we want to re-sell anything. We've pretty much sworn them off (sigh). Love the little doll, though. Definitely worth the trip for that.


definitly too rich for my blood but I love the little figure she is very inspiring to look at. I went to the big antiques center in Matlock and bought some vintage red buttons and assorted buttons, a vintage zip, dress patter (for wrapping dolls in) all for only a few £... nothing collectable but something to craft with so I'm quite happy.

we went to the carboot yesterday and H bought a few toys and I bought a damaged Roy Rogers kids book for 50p for art/cards and M fancies framing one of the pages for his office.


As you say, altho the prices were high, the experience was worth your time. You DID do your homework. I wonder what "high end gallery" pricing would hvae been like. You must continue this story.
Were there people scavenging up goodies as if they were finding treasure or did everyone do more looking than buying?
What seemed to be most popular - dishes or decorative pottery or...???
Did you overhear any interesting conversations?

I hope you rewarded Keiran for being such a great shopping companion and helper on this trip. That had to take a lot of patience for someone that age.


Such a shame about the high prices. I guess you wouldn't have found the beautiful papier mache figure though if you hadn't gone. What great company your boy was too. Well done Keiran.


That's a great story. What a difference travelling and waiting make you you LOVE what you do, right?


That should have read "WHEN you love what you do"

Vicki K

Did the items seem to be selling? Selena I love your process and research and that you share it with us.

Keiran is adorable.

Into Vintage

Your posts are always so interesting and thanks for the link to Cathy of California - always nice to learn of a new blog. Lately I've been checking back with estate sale companies after their sales to see if they are still selling and often they are, at very reduced prices.

Your Keiran sounds like the perfect shopping companion! :-)


So fun to meet you and Keiran there at the sale! I love the figurine you got! How special! I only bought 2 dinnerplates - just practical stuff, but my friend found a block print and a beautiful hardcover Modern American Painting book.
See you at the next one!

Queen of Fifty Cents

Oh, the buyer's remorse, I know it well! I own a plate that I actually paid ten bucks for many years ago, and sometimes I still look at it and wonder what I was thinking. But I've had it over twenty five years now, it still looks like new though we use it all the time, and the pattern is beautiful. I probably got my money's worth--and so will you.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

Oh, how disappointing. but, you never know how a sale will be until you go. Sometimes we hit pay dirt but, lately it seems the prices are just out of this world. But, it sounds like you had fun just looking around.


Oh! How I was rooting for you to be awash in a thriftily-priced Heath sea of lovliness! Ah, well. Your wonderful, well-educated eye did find that most personal link to the artist! You're right...priceless! How funny to go for Edith Heath & end up with Gemma Taccogna! To me it sounds like you & Keiran squeezed everything fun out of your experience possible! Congratulations!

ps Would more knowledge of vintage Heath designs made those prices easier to swallow? Perhaps, the pieces were so unique in that sense? Just a thought.

Selena Cate

I did do some research on the highest selling Heath items on eBay that morning and actually while we waited in line. I even had a little card with pattern names, colors and the price it sold in my pocke. I must say that most of the Heath I found unattractive. Some had gold and silver tones on them that I had never seen before. Perhaps someone collects them but they dont seem to appear too much on eBay. The turquoise plates can be a good seller though which is partly why I was drawn to them. I wished I had known more but as Mike from American Pickers would say, There wasnt too much meat left on the bone at those prices. Ironically I actually did very well the next day at the MCM sale. I found a George Nelson Clock that is quite rare and a whole host of other things. As far as the weekend in general went, I found many valuable items. As far as the Heath sale, Im just going to consider it as a fun experience for Keiran and I.
xoxo Selena


When I saw the ad last week I knew it was going to be overpriced due to the length of the sale and location (Marin). I too am not a huge fan + there doesn't seem to be much of a resale market...but obviously tons of people like it--'cause there were others in line waiting with you. We all like what we like, I guess.

I want to see your clock!


I just haven't been thrifting much since you were here, Selena! :)

Angie of EismanDesign

Ah, too bad about the prices. I know that feeling.
But amazing just the same to get to see Heath pottery and to have had a reason to learn more about it!


let go of the remorse. the plates are yours and lovely too:) love the anticipation of what i might find each time i go a-junkin'.


Were the books any good or were they overpriced too? Some sales are like that. Chalk it up to another tick in the "frog' column. After about 10 ticks you earn a Prince!

Selena Cate

The books were very reasonable. They were $5 each. But they were worthless in regards to ReSelling. I think the goods ones might have been pulled before the sale. I did buy one book that was signed by the artist. They were interesting though but quite worn.
xoxo Selena

Teresa Raines

It might have been a bust, but how interesting! The pieces you did purchase are very nice. Were those buttons or beads on the strings for $150? I sure like the turquoise colored ones.


I don't go to a lot of estate sales so don't know much about prices. But I do want to point out that this was not an estate sale with lots of Heath, it was Edith Heath's estate sale with lots of Heath. Many of the items are one-off experiments that she may have made herself and won't be seen anywhere else.

Selena Cate

That is a good point Robin. I think that is why I mentioned how much I enjoyed the experience of the sale. In a way it was a glimpse into the artist behind Edith Heath. Im incredibly frugal when it comes to buying many things so the prices didnt fit into my budget but I certainly appreciated the beauty of the different ceramic pieces, especially because so many were unique. And as I mentioned in the post, it is the Gemma piece that is priceless to me just knowing that Edith owned it. The Gemma figure now sits in my office and inspires me when I write or create. xoxo Selena


Its always a bummer when your expectations aren't met. At least you got more of a museum experience and you enjoyed it too.

Paul Jimenez

I am married to Edith Heaths sister's
(Ann kellog's) grandaughter G kellog" may I ask you if you would be willing to sell any of the item's you bought at the estate sale?

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