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August 10, 2010



I love watching American Pickers! Love it! But what a lot of work. I do some reselling from time to time, but honestly I have come to the conclusion, partially from watching that show, that my heart isn't really in it. So I will live vicariously through blogs like yours and shows like AP :-)


oh! oh! oh! If you ever decide to sell your "Child with Bird" lithograph, please let me know!

Selena Cate

Its on my mantel right now but in a year I may change my mind. Ill save this email and you will have first dibs on it Alexandra. Thanks for your interest. xoxo Selena

Mama Rose

Vintage fabrics!! I love them! Especially Children's fabrics :D I also love vintage kitchenware...another weakness!


The top of my "Thrift Wish List" is furniture--we are moving soon & I'm not bringing much with me! I hope you find some good "picks" I'd love to go with you & get it all on film for you!


My tastes and interests don't seem to change, but wax and wane. You have learned to let things go while I tend to box them up and keep them for when the mood strikes again. Now that I need to do some reselling it will be a challenge to decide what can go. I'd like to start with something guaranteed to sell (is there such a thing?) so I don't get discouraged too quickly. Ebay was not a good experience.
Should there ever be an estate sale of my things, if you enjoy eclectic as much as you like famous labels, a trip to WI may be in your future. My "old junk" is coming back into style.
Sorry- no taxidermied chimps or mini ponies.

BUT- you could visit Mike and Frank on your way here or back!


That vintage mechanical bird is beautiful! I'm always on the prowl form Mid Century Modern and anything vintage/quirky/artistic. Also practical buys needed for the house bought on discount second hand.

Amy Zimmer

Embroidered Vintage Pillowcases
Vintage Fabric
Solid Color Pyrex Bowls
Solid color Pyrex other stuff
Crafty stuff
I need a Danish Modern Lamp!

xo A


TOTALLY Off topic... But...
Was perusing the new Lonny online magazine.
(Many of the old editors, stylist, photo snappers etc from Domino magazine- this is their baby) Thought of you Selena as they have a neat article about Cath Kidston and her style. I thought maybe you would enjoy it. the Aug/Sept issue.

All the best,


I am on the hunt for a Vitamix blender. You think the thrifting gods are hearing me?

Selena Cate

Ive only ever found two of the expensive Vitamixers. I sent a Facebook message asking my friends if they needed one while I was at the sale. It was $125 which is actually a great price for a used VM. Sometimes when I tell myself that I need to find something, it appears in the next few weeks. Good luck with your search.
xoxo Selena

Teresa Raines

I always buy books. Books to read, and/or sell make me happy. I also buy vintage linens, especially embroidered pillow cases, and old table cloths. Since I am a jewelry hound I like to check out whatever people are selling. I have a huge collection (100+ pieces) of vintage brooches that I love. I add to this collection regularly. It's no wonder I need another job to keep up with my collecting!

knutty knitter

Old beads and buttons. Laces etc. Small stuff I can use in my art. Nothing expensive, just interesting. Bits of broken jewelery too.

I live far too far away for bigger items to be useful but sometimes it would be good to see what other countries have available that I don't.

Love your site but I'm more of a clearing house for miscellaneous junk and I don't sell stuff - just pass it round where it will do most good.

viv in nz


I think over the last few days I've read your blog almost exclusively. Thank you for all of the tips and tricks. I find awesome vintage things all the time and live the thrifty life as much as possible. You have given me the confidence to do more of my own reselling in the future.


I just read your blog and my friend in WA has an ETSY site that sells tons of vintage finds. I posted a blog yesterday with some of the cute things she has.

Her ETSY site is:

If I see anything specific I will let you know.


Patty Ashworth

As a hand quilter, I'm always looking for older metal thimbles. They are thicker metal with deeper holes. Size 8or 9. I also collect sock darners, slide rulers, intaglio salts, penny candy scoops, and dragons. The salts and candy scoop collections were started by my grandmother. My brother got me interested in slide rulers. They were the "first computors!" Sock darners are really the clothing history, and I just love dragons!

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