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August 16, 2010



I didn't thrift this weekend (out of space in my tiny apartment closets, time to sell the treasures first!) but I did make a thrifty "wall art" tutorial using thrifted materials.

I love those vintage advent calendars! The designs are very pretty. I can't wait to get back out there and look for treasures!


Those advent calenders were a great find. I love those old style ones just like my Nana used to buy us when we were little. And the candlesticks - wow. Just imagine if you hadn't gone out! I'm a great rummager through the dark corners of charity shops (I'm in the UK where we sadly don't have a season of garage sales and estate sales would be a rare thing). I've linked to your thrift share post for the first time. I love reading through all the links each week. Bx


I think there were so many activities and festivals and sporting events this weekend that people were not online and are still slow getting back into the swing this week.
I did not have a chance to begin unpacking the van until later last night.
(Still did not tell DH about the 2 critters I acquired during the week that need to be fed, watered, etc. and NOT the rabbits.) He was busy all weekend himself, not thrifting with me.


I have fond memories of advent calendars and mercury glass ornaments, but we were a tinsel, not garland, house.


All your finds are lovely - but the Gorham candlesticks? - what a find!!


Our thrifty find this weekend was a big roll-top desk for $20. It was in pieces on the ground in front of a house with a $30 price tag on it. "Will you take $20?" OK! Bill put it back together again - fabulous!


Great finds! You always find the most beautiful things at the best prices.


Thursday was the day to sale here. Tons of either boring (aka baby clothes and new crap) or people thinking their cracked dollar store pottery was worth a fortune.

Saw two signs after I had basically given up (hot, sweaty, icky day), and found my finds of the day at the last one.

A box saying 'little Legos for big kids' with 10 vintage 70's sets in it, and a 70's Levi's suede Big E jacket.

Paid $10 for those along with a Cuisinart Coffee Grinder for me.


Loving the Wendy Addison! I took a class from her this past spring and adored it!


Gasping at the candlestick. Love it.


My find of the day was a 100% wool Calvin Klein coat in perfect condition, recently dry cleaned, my size, for $2!


Those pink advent calendars are the cutest thing I have ever seen! I loooove old advent calendars- just found one at a sale last weekend for 50cents- but those pink ones are so unusual. Lucky girl!


These are great finds! What are you doing with them? I'd like to buy some.

Selena Cate

Hi Erica,
Thanks for your comment. If you click on this link it should take you to my Selling Buying page with more details about things you see on my blog. Thanks so much for your interest.


I LOVE those advent calendars too & the Wendy Addison crown is TO DIE FOR for sure....!!

Lucky Thrifter....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)


Sounds like you had a really good day and I totally LOVE those candle sticks. They're beautiful!!



I heart your advent calenders!

I have gotten in the habit of seeing "silver plate" on everything I turn over where that's what I now expect to see. I may not pause long enough to let "sterling" sink in when I actually do find something!

lisa @thebeadgirl

seriously...i don't know if they are sterling plated...or all sterling...but either way (coming from a metal smith) that was an EXCELLENT find! wow!


Great candlestick find!

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