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August 02, 2010



My computer is running so slow this morning I would almost rather clean house than try blog hopping.
I did not get out this weekend so may have to slip off to GW later today.
Everyone around here is complaining about the heat so I didn't miss many sales anyhow.
Glad you got home safely.


Love the wrapping paper and the bowls! Off to check out this Boocoo that you speak of. Ebay is in definite need of a competitor.

Angie of

Love the tiered stand!


I LOVE that stand and the paper, I'm on the prowl for coll patterns like that to dress up my ur, "coffee table" (super ugly, old, walmart tv-stand with wheels). BTW, your rental living room is really pretty, I like the fresh leaves in the vase!


You made some great finds. I really like the stand. It is very different than most I have seen.


Welcome home! I love the white stand--very nice.

ana @ iMadeItSo

do you know how happy i am to see that couch in the background still? :)

Mama Rose

That little mouse is just about the cutest little guy! Love the Swedish candle ring also...great scores!


That paper is the coolest!

Ashley Ann

I love that stand. It's AWESOME. :D


I'd say you still scored well! Glad you had a safe trip.

Teresa Raines

Nice finds! I also like the stand very much. You've inspired me to start blogging and seriously reselling. The job market for librarians isn't very good right now and I those pesky student loans to repay... :)


I like the mouse - too cute! I spent this Sat. and the prior one at the most unbelievable estate sale I have ever or will ever see.
I didn't take these pictures but I can attest that yes, this is indeed what it looked like.


Love your finds, as usual!

I can just picture you now that I've been "shopping" with you!

Are you going to post all the cool Medford finds? :)


Very cool Denby pattern! It very much reminds me of blanket-stitching, like on a felted edge.


so excited to have found your blog & can't wait to do some thrift store monday posting...


I love that stand!

Kim Smart

hi there - I've read your blog for some time and have enjoyed it - I believe we are somewhat of a kindred spirit.
Anyway, when I read this post and saw that you were considering giving Boocoo a chance, I thought that I should mention Bonanzle to you. Have you ever tried that? I've been on there for about a year. I've mostly used it as a place to put my unsold Ebay items, and have had an occasional sale...until lately! Wow, it has really taken off. I've sold four things there already this week. You might give it a try - I have really liked it. It is very user friendly and super inexpensive. I'm a beta user, so my listings are free, and they last as long as you leave them there. I don't know if that's the deal for new users, but I highly recommend them. It's a really attractive site, as well.
I sell on Ebay as Sylvan_Belle and on Bonanzle as Heliotrope_Bouquet. I work full time and do this too - my husband lost his job in October of last year, and this is keeping us afloat, although it is very difficult. I have to depend on thrift stores, because I can't make it to estate sales very often because of my work schedule. I love reading about your own thrifting adventures, and I have learned a thing or two from you, too! Thanks so much, and I hope YOUR financial situation gets better soon! Best regards to you and your family, and happy hunting! Kim

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I love that stand. Its AWESOME. :D

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