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August 08, 2010



Looks like we both posted early thrift shares this time :) you hit the JACK POT- love your vintage finds. I had two fun little Goodwill trips and found some pretty new things to cherish.

Compulsive thrifter...gotta stop this addiction.


WOOT! love the pots, so beautiful :) I had a great barn sale weekend, I know a barn sale in Alaska! Weird but completely awesome!

. tiny twist creative .

The pots are SO beautiful, awesome $2 find!!

Amy Zimmer

You wow me! A

Shabby Vintage Junk

Oh STOP teasing me with your AWESOME finds....hahahahahaha....I swear EVERY time you post mid century pieces, I feel the urge to purge & start AGAIN....!!

I'm GLAD you had a great day thrifting....I'll be in the US in September for the Junk Bonanza....It would be WAY COOL if we could meet up....I've got a lot of thrifting stamina though & am a bit like the Energiser Bunny....Would be fun to see who could 'outthrift, outshop & outlast' the other....hahahahaha....!!

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

Emma Angel

I love those pans! Stunning!

ana @

great finds! i marvel at all the vera napkins you manage to find... i have yet to come across a single one! and those pots are adorable!! they look like they're in great condition.

Mama Rose

My goodness Selena! You weren't joking. Those are some really great items for ridiculously low items! Talk about super great wonder you became light headed-lol!

Mama Rose

oops! That was suppose to say great items for ridiculously low "prices"!


Same as Ana, I've never found even ONE Vera piece, but I'm still looking. We found an antique (1901) hand-crank wall clock ($50), but we already have it up on Ebay, and the first bid is $99.99! We also found 3 Danish candlesticks for Christmas, that I'll probably wait until October to put up. Great stuff this weekend!

Shopping Golightly

Oh! The enameled pots! They're darling. Unless it's new and has ucky decals on it, it's so hard to pass up anything vintage enameled. Just makes you happy! And, should that be how you feel when you cook? Happy?


Everything you found is lovely! And the prices - no wonder you got a thrifting "high!"


Loving the Catherine Holm pots! Why, oh why can't I get lucky like you?? Maybe my thrifty jackpot is coming soon. I can feel it!


I have been looking for Catherine Holm pots for 3 years now to no avail. What a great find!


I love everything! Happy you're perseverance is paying off!

Cia Dreves

Thought you had wonderful ideas for saving a bundle on back to school clothing. will post a link to you on my blog. thx


I love the modern servers.
Love the pots. heck I love everything.

I had a fantastic end to the rummage sale as well. It was interesting being on the other side of the table.

Another thing to hunt for Catherine Holmes!


imagine a googley eyed smiley here!

amazing finds!


Oh, I'm drooling over those Catherineholm pots! One day, I hope to be as lucky. I don't even need to cook with them. I just want to look at them and breathe in their beauty. Congrats on your AWESOMELY AWESOME weekend!

Teresa Raines

You have such a great eye and talent for locating beautiful things!


I'm guessing they meant the item was new, not the designer.

Rachel Wolf

Lovely! Will you be reselling the cutting board? My parents have one and I've been on the look out for years. Let me know!


What a fabulous day you had. I love the cookware. It makes me feel really nostalgic to see those retro finds! Jane xx

Coastal Charm did have an awesome day! Love those pots and the VERA linens...are they napkins or tablecloths?



Sounds like you had a good weekend. I would love to see your silver finds someday. Around here there is a strange amount of silver at garage sales at ridiculously cheap prices. My theory is that no one wants to polish it anymore.

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