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August 06, 2010



I spent all week camping at our county fair through most of highschool. I was a 4-H girl all the way and every spring my sister and I would go pick out our market lamb to bring home and fatten up. We'd take care of them for six months then load them up and take them to the fair.

Since we had our livestock at the fair that meant we had to take care of them too! Every morning we would muck out their stalls, get them fresh water, give them a bath and feed them. We also liked to give them treats. Lambs love funnel cake and soda ;) We showed our sheep for the market catagory and also for "showing and dressing" which is a 4-H competition where you get your animal looking its absolute best, dress up in your show clothes and compete based on a set of showmanship rules.

At the end of the week we sold our animals at the livestock auction. I think of this as a lesson in compassionate sustainable farming. Our lambs didn't have a terribly long life but they were fed and treated healthily and well and went to someone who would use the meat to feed their families. And we would get the money we earned to put in our savings account! I paid for all of my books my freshman year of college with the money from my lamb!

Sorry about the long post I guess I have ten million good memories of the county fair too!

stickhorsecowgirl V

Because I lived in the suburbs, but wanted to be a farm girl, I loved the livestock barns the best. The horses were my favorite, followed by the cows, sheep, pigs, etc. I loved the smell of the barns, hay, manure, feed all mixed together! One evening we actually saw a baby cow being born! I saw the famous cowboy Gene Autry at the rodeo/livestock show when I was five. In later years, I got to see Roy Rogers and Dale Evans! I loved the wonderful smells of food too--I always had a red candied apple and some cotton candy. Here in Arkansas, the fair was in early fall Sept/Oct. when we would feel the first chill in the evenings and the midway with all the rides was lit up and it looked magical. Unfortunately, going to the fair in the daytime wasn't nearly as magical for you saw all the dirt that nighttime darkness obscured. My great-grandparents showed livestock at the very fair I still attend--it's a wonderful memory!


I love how fairs break up the monotony of our day-to-day environment and craft memories we cherish for a life time. My favorite fair memories are from Italy in the 90s. I'll always remember selling pinatas with my mom, being enchanted by the bright lights and colors, enjoying the kiddie water rides, and the creep damn clown that whispered "is it good?" in my ear while I was drinking a capri sun. My mom laughed as I ran away screaming.

Vicki K

My memories are more recent because there were no fairs close enough where I grew up...but after all these years my top three favorites have not changed: 1)Look at the quilts 2)Go see the new piglets 3)Eat a scone.


our family tradition is going to the Big Rock Plowing Match in Big Rock, Illinois in September. About an hour drive west of Chicago, nice small scale, resellers with their treasures, animal, craft, cake judging, antique tractors, contests for straightest, etc plowing, funnel cakes, train enthusiasts set up a ride on train for families through the landscape, great photo ops

your pictures are magical

we're tentatively planning a trip to Sonoma County in early October, would love to meet up if you're available

amy zimmer

Gorgeous Pictures! Cerys MUST enter her dream catchers next year and there are plenty, plenty legos and other categories, including...craft sticks!


I never went to the county fair as a child but we have always taken our children~in fact I posted today my evening out at the fair this week! How coincidental! Love all of your great pictures. The games look fun!



I just checked out this morelomo app you were talkinga about. one word: AMAZING! Im sitting here at work and have had fun playing with taking random pictures in my lil cubical. I'll post them up on my blog tonight.


the animals! A real fair has animals. It's the whole point!


Of course I love the animals, and in the days before food sanitation was a worry - cotton candy! But now I like to stand far back and watch the "info mercial" type sellers strut their stuff. Chop it, Spin it, spill and mop it... although I do love my rubber mop.


After downlaoding the app on my iphone I loved it so much, I wanted tos e what other cool apps were out there for the iphone. Check out PS mobile (its free)it has borders, corpping, effects and more. I took some pictures and used it this weekend. Check out my blog to see the app in action. I think you might like it.

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