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September 21, 2010



I know how it goes. I'm breaking my consistent Monday through Friday blog posting schedule today. Between writing, pictures, editing, working and living you can't do it all.

Update from the trenches when you find a way to schedule everything in! I'm trying, too!

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

A Whole Foods, how exciting! I love visiting when I'm in an area where there is one. Sadly, we don't have one here yet. Every time we've been to a Whole Foods we've had great customer service and lovely munchies as we shop our way through the store.


Enjoy, Selena! Whole Foods was started here in Austin. The HUGE Flagship store/Headquarters they built a few years ago is my FAVE place to go out to eat!


Really, Coddingtown Mall has a Whole foods now. That is great. Many years ago I was an Asst. Mall Manager at Coddingtown, when the Codding Family own it. Then it was considered an old out of date mall. Glad to see it has gotten great stores.

Midwest thrifter

I hope the tasting includes chocolate. Whole Foods carries some great independent chocolate brands. The only problem is that it spoils you for "commercial" chocolate.

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