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September 08, 2010


Rachel Wolf

So sweet, Selena! So you and the kids found the misprint in the resizing of the hat pattern then? It is my pattern and we just caught their type-o last night. Hope it wasn't a hassle! xo Rachel

Selena Cate

Rachel, I had no idea that this was your pattern. That is fabulous. We did notice that it didnt work when we increased the size but to be honest I thought my husband had messed up on his copier. I blamed him too. Lol. In the end Holly enlarged it free hand. It is a fabulous hat design though, so adorable. xoxo Selena

Rachel Wolf

Their edit of the percentage disappeared when they downsized it to fit on the 1/4 page. Glad it worked for them. I suggested that perhaps with the 200% increase it would fit a large Waldorf doll. :-)

I would love to see a photo! xo Rachel


none yet--well that's a lie my son and I made some suspenders for his jeans from an old pair of jeans--he's 6 though and things like sewing in hems just didn't suit his need to have it done now!! And I braided a rag rug last winter from all our old jeans. Not something you can wear but still usable.

Vicki K

This party looks like so much fun! I have been adding some length to cotton knit tops - to make it look like I have layers on. Also, I crocheted some black lace to add to the bottom of a dress. But I should try some more funky've inspired me. Might start with my jeans jacket.


What a glorious idea for a party! Looks like so much fun for crafty talented folks!
May we PLEASE see your coat when it's all done?? It looks completely fabulous.

amy zimmer

OH EM GEE, I had so much fun! I highly recommend an alter clothing party to everyone!!

Holly White-Wolfe

Can't wait for our next party!


Love the photos from your party. I need to host one of this things; perhaps a clothing swap/alteration party. You jacket turned out nicely, I love altering clothes and wearing something I know is unique. Got a pile stashed away to work on, in fact...


You need to post a picture of yourself in your vintage anthro-style coat. I didn't know you knew how to sew like that--is there anything you cannot do?!

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