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September 17, 2010


Kelsey Kelly



I love your description of the tender time with your son, also his love of crafting!

I got to school early with my little boy & played a ball game of his invention with byzantine rules, much nicer than rushing to school & work, like a mini vacation really, nice to build those into the day

speaking of vacation, we'll be visting in
Sonoma County & more briefly in San Francisco at the end of the month, any suggestions for great low or no cost family activities?

we were thinking of visiting the Muir Woods, Armstrong Forest, the Jack London House in Glen Ellen, don't know if it's still around, but I've always wanted to visit the Lucky Mojo headquarters, I'll try to persuade my dear husband who is the chaffeur to stop at a couple to thrift store for looking if not buying (trying to travel light!)


my husband and i used to be in youth ministry about 15 years ago and have since moved on to other work. but this past summer our youth pastor resigned and since we'd volunteered as parents with the youth group we decided to give leadership to that while they look for another pastor. we did it with a little fear and trepidation but really, it was like riding a bike and we're loving it; realizing it's because of the kids - we love them!


i commented on this post before reading yesterday's - which makes this one make even more sense! i think we all have rhythms where things pile up and we lose balance. if you think about it, balance, by its very nature is a tricky thing to maintain! your sewing nook and a 3 hour coffee with a friend is a really good beginning!
i also loved your icecream moment with your son. sounds like you have a really great family.


Sounds like you found that moment to take a breath. Friends are so good at helping us do that, I think.


I cherish the non-chaotic moments, I hope you have more of them! The recipe on your food blog looks damn good, I need to try that!


This post made me smile. Those special memories do stick with us.
A few decades ago my son was in the room with me and the country song on the radio was Love Never Lasts. With no prompting at all he said to me, "That's not us, Mom."

Tastes from my childhood - mom made 2 meals at least once weekly. A noodles and tuna mixture, and rice, hamburger, celery and mushroom soup casserole. My sister and I said we'd never make it for our families, but after the kids had it at Grandma's it has found its way to our menus as well.


Ok, so how did I have NO idea you had a cooking blog? Yay!

Patty Ashworth

My Mom made a wonderful chocolate, upside down cake. There are no eggs in it and the bottom gets really gooy. So when you serve it, you flip it over and put ice cream or cool whip on it. I always asked for that for my birthday cake. I have the recipe, but never can get it like she used to do it. She died in 2001.

David Dutch

Taking time out for that 'self' moment is essntial to getting through the day. I like to lock myself away put on a pair of headphones and some smooth classical music it is amazing after 30 minutes I can take on the world again.
Great blog really reaches out.

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