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September 07, 2010


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ana @

oh the colours! i could spend hours and hours there...


I wish "sales" were really that sales! We should plan something for BlogHer Food I have to buy my ticket this week and then I'll know what days I have free :) maybe someone somewhere has a Sunday flea market around SF?

amy zimmer

Love the watch pieces--collages are dancing before my eyes!


You hit the nail on the head with the word "patience" - i always say that thrift shopping is so different from retail shopping - you don't go to get what you need, you go to see what you'll find and the trick is to be patient and wait. it's "slow food shopping" :-)


O. M. G.!!! That colorful booth with all of the FABULOUS stuff- many of which items are, I'm sure from Counterpoint. I have been searching for some of those salt and pepper shakers - wonder how much they were charging for those? I am LOVING that type of stuff from the 60's and 70's SO much lately - when I find something at a thrift shop I am over the moon.
And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the prices. I go into antiques shops now, and I'm just like .."can't do it"..- even if I want something really badly.
So, back to the thrift stores I go....


I haven't been to a Flea Market in forever! This sure looks like fun! Might just have to check one out this fall. :)


I'm a thrifty girl, and I have to agree with your assessment of thrifting. I do love flea markets and antique stores, but often find a good deal of the vendors are beyond my budget. It's fun to look though! Love the watch parts you scored.

Nan Thomson

You're so right about thrifting teaching you patience. I used to spend a lot of money at antique fairs and flea markets. Like you, now I go mainly to look and take great photos and know I can (almost always) find it cheaper if I really love it. All of us addicted to thrifting agree that the fun is in the search.

Teresa Raines

Before I went back to school I sold collectibles at the Alameda show. I understand that it has become expensive and difficult to locate items because of it's size. It's too bad really because it was such fun to do.

Jody Smith

I had a friend that went there this weekend from Redding! I want to go but I agree with you....I just can't pay what they are asking but I still want to go. I think it would be fun to see what is popular and then look for it myself!

Oh daughter would love that cotton candy machine....LOL


Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

I'd love to go through the vintage clothing racks, but I know the prices would keep from purchasing! Still looks like a lovely place to "window shop" though :)


I went to one that was in Feb or March and felt the same way. Everything I saw, I felt like I could buy it for 1/10 of the price. I went with a group of friends and they dropped some $$..


Looks like there was lots of cool stuff there. Bummer that it was overpriced. I hate that. You might be able to sell those clock pieces to someone who makes steampunk jewelry. Maybe Etsy would be a good place.


Wow, what a vintage lovers dream. I had a bike like that when I was 12. I had a purple glitter banana seat, oh I thought I was all that and a bag of chips hehehe.


Shelly B.

All that fabric in the clothes - ahhhhh! I bet you can paint your own lion from the photo you took, and make it any size you want! :)

Kimberly Stanford

Wow, what a big flea market. Flea markets have tons of treasures in them. I heard some people snagging expensive items like priceless antiques in this market. But you'll need a lot of patience and a sharp eye to find treasures in this literal mountain of stuffs.

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