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September 06, 2010


Teresa Raines

Awesome! I've never seen one at a garage sale, and I do think you made a sweet investment.


I love cotton candy! I bet your kids school will love using it for fundraising! What a carnival draw!
Well done!


This is absolutely *wonderful*! Hooray for you :-)

Cotton candy is my absolute favorite treat. I once found a cotton candy machine and held a party to celebrate. Imagine my "surprise" when the thing blew all the circuits in my house!


That is amazing!! cheers
ang AKA

Debra Ganas

This has got to be my favorite blog post of the week. Maybe the year. Isn't it awesome how you had exactly the correct amount? Was your heart beating out of your chest, were you're wheels spinning as you thought about your decision?
I have made the cotton candy the last two years for our fall festival. We had the longest line of kids waiting to get some of that sweet goodness. I had sugar everywhere. but it was so much fun.

Selena Cate

Thank you for all your encouragement and positive energy behind my cotton candy machine purchase. Ive loved reading each and every comment. I just wish that I could invite you all over for the biggest cotton candy party ever.
xoxo Selena


I am sooo jealous. I love fairy floss (as we call it in Australia) and I can still remember having one of those machines (not as cool as yours though) at a school fete. I have considered buying a cheap plastic kids one but I don't think it'd be good for my waistline cos I don't think I could stop myself eating tons!!


I love your blog for many many many reasons. However today I love it especially. I thought about this post all day. Is that odd? I cheered you for reaching out and embracing your vision, life, wants,and even in a small way dreams with this purchase. In a world where we so often deny our quirky offbeat wants and dreams, you hopped on a great find.I love, that you love, this wonderful perfect pink cotton candy maker. (BTW the tinsy ones that u plug in the wall and make a few cones with-$59.99-79.99. I wish I knew you, in person, friend to friend, because I would say loudly and proudly- YOU freaking totallllly ( I mean seriously go on with your bad self) go girl)! Keep following your vision and heart. This blog is unique and one of many( I am sure) of your legacies. What a exquisite memory for your children. AND as importantly for you and your story.

PS- organic sugar Cotton Candy in CALI?? UMMM does no one see GOLD MINE like I do?

Cheers, Bee
Aka over exuberant fan of cotton candy!!!!!

laurie mapie ethel

That is the cutest purchase! Wonderful that it can be used to make money as well. It really is very, very charming and who doesn't like cotton candy.
The silliest thing I ever bought was a vintage giant four foot stork that was a store display. I can't make any money off of it like you can, but it does make me smile each time I see it in my living room!

Stephanie Ganger

Oh this is just crazy awesome!!! I am nearly jealous but this is just marvelous as well. I could totally see renting it and I would come to your yard sale just to buy cotton candy as it seriously is one of my favorite treats. I have bought terrible cotton candy just to be able to have some.

I love the color and the cart. I can just see you with a cool striped umbrella overhead vending cotton candy at a local street market.


I love that you've posted this on Labor Day! Along with the description of how laborious making cotton candy actually is. It looks like a beautiful machine. It should prove quite the attraction at school events and your own yard sales. Congratulations!

Silliest thrift purchase? I once bought a really cute pale green teapot with four cups and saucers. Each piece had a hand painted white image of Mt. Fuji on it which vaguely reminded me of Mr. Rainier. It was made in Japan. The day was December 7. I was so pleased with my purchase. Then some lady said to me, "It's not real." So silly. I still have the teapot. I collect them. It was a great purchase. But, to this day, some thirteen years later I have no idea what her silly comment meant.


thanks for sharing your stories! this one made me laugh...(and your readers comment about a pony is just too cute!)

Leah in FL

Love the Cotton Candy machine and a great idea to rent it out!


ah rentals for weddings! good thinking '99!!! i really love this machine, i'm glad you went with your heart and bought it. It's seems to be a sound investment that will reward you with many happy moments as well as a bit of cash! ;)*


What a great find! I probably would have gulped a bit at the price, too. But really! I love cotton candy.


Not to get all "Single White Female" on you, but I'm starting to think we were fraternal twins separated at birth.

Kelsey Kelly

What a fun blog to read! Totally brought joy to my day seeing how much joy it brough you! I hope that you find many a revenue stream from it as well :-)


So. Jealous.

Selena Cate

Seriously I had not idea so many people loved Cotton Candy as much as me. I thought I must be the only adult out there craving it. Im so delighted to know that I am not alone.


Just found your blog & am totally in LOVE with the idea of owning a cotton candy machine. I'd have bought that too.
Cotton candy is top reason I go to the state fair each year. Number two is all the critters.

Jennifer Robin

Organic cotton candy has become quite popular lately. (Whole Foods sells it, I hear, under the brand name Pure Fun.) It'll definitely be pure fun to be able to make your own!


I just discovered your blog today and came across your cotton candy maker story. You must be considered the coolest mom on the block with your very own hot pink candy makin' machine. And your rental idea is genius! Great thrifting story ~ I'm always excited to hear other thrifters' tales of pure joy. Fun stuff!

I've included a link to your site (in the Green Frugalicious Sites section) on my blog, ART of Humungous Proportions. I hope you'll drop by for a visit there sometime.
Cheers ~


You're my hero! I have been sending my family links to cotton candy machines forever trying to get someone to surprise me with one for christmas or my birthday...No luck yet, but hey, I'm only 24:)


Wow, you got a great deal! I am a college student thinking of running a cotton candy concession stand and found your page. I've read other people's pages and they advise NOt renting it out, because people don't know how to operate it and often burn out the motor. Commercial rental places can deal with this because they have insurance on the machines but you probably don't, so I would just rent them with "stand operator" included as a bonus.

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