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September 13, 2010


Queen of Fifty Cents

I am swooning over those ornaments!


I have not taken time to post my loot today but always love seeing everyone else's finds. My son grumbled when I took him to sales, but it did sink in. He was actually a wonderful student.

Oh- your S. Hospitality link is faulty.


Thanks, the link should be fixed now.

Lisa G.

Selena, what a wonderful post. It really gave a glimpse into the life of your family. Those toadstool ornaments are just the cutest!


I am in love with the Gmomey Toadstool...My biggest find this week was a set of Roseville mixing bowls in perfect condition. The price was steep, $24. But I couldn't resist. They are lovely and very useful.


That sort of training for your children is so valuable! I'm seeing the fruit of years of food co-ops, thrift store shopping, and frugal living habits pay off in my college-age children now. Teaching them how to live is better than endowing them with money!


I knew you would strike gold at this sale--awesome!


What lovely treasures. Are you going to sell the toadstools and birds? I'd love to buy them. You have such great finds in CA that we don't come across here in TX. My best purchase this weekend was three vintage felt and sequin ornament kits for $1.25 each.

Jane Diehl

I adore mushrooms & Elsa Beskow, found a brand~spankin'~new copy of The Sun Egg at Goodwill for a $1 at Goodwill last Saturday.


Lovely finds all around! The cards are pretty and practical for events, the ornaments are gorgeous, and I can imagine the drawers accommodating bits like the ornaments nicely. Great haul!

Get Rich Slowly had a beautiful article today about capitalist kids and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit I love step one, let your kids peruse their passions creatively.

Brings back memories of my childhood businesses...bad ideas like cat washing, and sell clams and plants door-to-door...


I love those little drawers. Such a great price! I got a gold gilt bamboo letter holder for $1. I love it!


LOVE this post today! I, too, am starting early with my son (he's three). He tells me he loves "Frift Stores"...I don't think he knows what a new toy looks like :). And those ornaments are wonderful....great finds!!

Shopping Golightly

Hey ATG, Love the metal cabinets! I've one that's three drawers wide and nine tall. Each drawer has a label insert. Our family loves it. It sits under a gold Victorian mirror (love the contrast) and is filled with mittens, sun glasses, change, anything that's great to keep at the door. I paid $30 for it and found a letter from the 50's when this cabinet sat in a factory in Ohio. I love it when little things are left behind that help lend the history of the item.


Ooh I love the little drawers. I foolishly passed some up a few weeks ago and when I went back they'd gone - funny that. And the toadstool, the last one, just so sweet. I look after two children who's parents would never shop second hand but the kids have the bug from me and just today one said 'you always get cool things for bargain prices'. So true.


I hit a fantastic rummage slae and got a Dansk yellow enamel paella pan in amazing condition for $2! It is beautiful and I love to cook with that stuff. That is not all I got but one of my favorite finds of the day.

Cathe Holden

How wonderful you are to pick up a little metal cabinet just for me to go with my studio collection. You can find ANYTHING at a great price- I'm absolutely convinced!! Thank you so much Selena!! See you for coffee soon! 'Can't wait.

Laura R.

Love your blog! So glad I found it!


Love reading all of your thrifting/estate sales adventures: wish I could go to an estate sale in the US: they sound awesome!!


Great post.
I love the toadstools...Lucky you!

ps my linky title froze mid upload...sorry:{

Shabby Vintage Junk

Oh Selena that little gnome in the mushroom is my FAVE....If you ever decide to part with him let me know....!!

Cheers for now from Shakopee MN,
Tamarah :o)


THanks for the picture of the little glass birds. The one on the bottom is the same as a set my parents used to have. I don't know what happened to the ones from my childhood, but I keep an eye open for ones like it.

Thanks for showing me they do exist.

Pretty collections

I'm one of those kinds collecting antiques and accessories.The vintage doll with feathers look cute. I'm totally impressed by the toadstools. I've got couple of them in blue. The last picture with the elf is cute.


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