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September 20, 2010



I love that lamp, in any case@ My weekend was the opposite, there was TOO much vintage treasure. I held back because I already have a lot of items I must list to sell before I bring in MORE!

I'm off to check out Flavor Stitch!


That lamp is so cute, I love the shape! Too bad about the foreclosure sale!


It wasn't the best weekend for sales--happy you found a couple things. I love it when you go to the Grocery Outlet & report what's good there--thanks for that.


What a bummer! The ebbs and flows of thrifting...At least you found the great lamp.

Emma Angel

Fabulous lamp!!!


Hi Selena,
Great lamp!
Mostly when I'm thrifting, I'm looking for practical things - upgrades to things I already have that are falling apart, etc. It's a bonus when I find a cool vintage item. This weekend I found some new tart pans to replace my old rusty ones. I love serving trays, and found an old Hawaiian one with the Matson Lines "Hukilau" artwork on it, and an old label on the back for 25 cents! And I found a book: "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum, with cool illustrations, some in color. The c is 1903, but the name and date written in the front cover is 1937. So how do I find out what it's worth? I may just save it for future grandchildren, but am curious. I only paid $3.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

Selena...I added my link, which is a VLOG link this time. Not sure if I did it right or not, forgive me.
LOVING that lamp you found for Kierans room, awesome! And did you enjoy Black Bear Diner??


I've been enjoying the Thrift Share Mondays, so I added my own today. The lamps is fabuloso and as someone who's always scoping for good organic food deals, I have to applaud yours! What finds!

Kelsey Kelly

We went to 3 or 4 sales Saturday and they were all junk as well. Although there was one where everything at the whole sale was listed for .25 each. (Still only found one dollars worth of stuff) Better luck next week for us both :-) Sounds like the rest of your weekend was a nice change of pace though!


While I did manage to spend my "budget" it was not at the anticipated flea market which had offerings higher than antique store prices. Can I say disappointed?
After I gave up on that I saw a tiny posterboard sign for a church sale in the opposite direction from which I was driving.
It was worth my time to turn around because I arrived as they called Half Price.
I finally have a comfortable blogging chair, even if it doesn't exactly fit my space. I am acclimating. (sitting off center for now) I also bought a rug for $4 that is still sight unseen as to what I bought. I took a leap of faith. It was rolled up there, easy to transport, and is still in my van. I just know I will be happy.


p.s. as you are working on Flavor Stitch I am trying to get my Upcycled art blog ready.

Thanks for continuing Thrift Share year round.


I posted a shout out to you last week for your great site. Check it out on


I'm sorry you didn't have more success! That lamp looks amazing, though. And I wish we could see your Dad's goodies! Have I told you before how much I look forward to your Monday thrift finds?

I found some goodies this weekend: a vintage, 60's tin globe with the perfect 1960's colors. Great for our homeschool table. Havalah found vintage Lone Ranger and Silver dolls. She is totally into horses right now, so that was fun for her. Today I stopped into Goodwill and found a (new with Target tags) Liberty of London top-the very one that I didn't buy last spring! Yay! I also picked up a fitted navy blue twill blazer, (Eddie Bauer),something that has been on my shopping list for fall.

Have a good evening! :)

One Gal's Trash

Hi Selena!
What a fun thing to look forward to on Mondays...Thanks for hosting!


I really like the lamp you found, nice clean classic design and I look forward to your reveal as to what you bought for your father.
My favorite find last week was a playsilk for my daughter and this week, I was given a wonderful amazing gift!
Thanks Selena for hosting, this is a lot of fun!


Bummer about the slow thrifting day! I had a pretty slow weekend, too, which is why I didn't put up a post. Nothing of much interest to report.

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