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September 27, 2010



I'm in love with your owl print, too. It has so much character! I've never heard of this artist either but I can see why his work is so collectible, distinct forms, excellent solid shapes and colors, and a retro vibe. I'll be on the look-out for his work, too!

And congrats on $500 for your yard sale, success!


Glad to hear that your sale was a success! We are still organizing our office for selling both books and stuff for Ebay and needed some more shelves. Lo and behold, we found, at the end of the day, two beautiful MCM glass-fronted shelves just waiting on someone's driveway! Check out my FB page, Selena, I've posted a picture. We are now pretty organized and have lots more room. Our house is so small that every time we bring in a piece of furniture, we need to get rid of something. That's why I LOVE Craig's List! We have someone coming today to take away two smaller shelving units that no longer fit in the house - YAY!


I have so much fun wating for your post on Monday. I know you have early risers because even though I'm on the east Coast your posts are done when I'm up and I have a toddler who gets up at 5:30 EST. I think you and I must have been separated at birth! I don't have my own web-page yet, I would love to achieve that so I could share my photos. I guess I need some coaching as to how to start one. Just know you are a bright spot in my mornings, like catching up w/ a friend from college you don't get to see much but always think about....


hope you feel better after all your efforts!

I saw a book about David Weidman in the Jonathan Alder shop window by my work, it had "Whimsy" in the title, great find on the owl!

hope it cools off too

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Hi, Selena, congrats on a successful sale! I had fun with mine a couple weeks ago & it's great to declutter. Thanks so much for participating with me in Thrifty Treasures this year!


Sorry you felt ill. But that sounds like a successful yard sale without a whole lot of effort!

Emma Angel

Love the owl and such a bargain!

ana @

the owl print is a wonderful find. congrats on the sale, you did well i'd say. and thanks again for the chance to share our finds. :-)


Well, your sale was successful from our point of view! We came home with a delightful carload including a vintage alarm clock, thermos and case, tobacco tin, small blue teapot, a beer coaster collection that will end up framed in our dining room, a couple of sweatshirts for our daughter, and (her favorite) a doll-sized stage that she spent all weekend playing with. I'm forgetting a few things, but that's because they've already been integrated into our home.

So that's my second-hand score for the week. Thanks!

Shopping Golightly

Morning ATG, Good to know the yard sale was a success. Feels nice to have a freshly-purged home.

Given scant resources, I've pulled back on shopping. However, a rare item popped up this weekend at Goodwill. It's a 29"x45" ornate, frame, AT LEAST 100 years old. It's huge. Finding stuff that old in Denver is rare considering we're out in The "New" West. It was $13 and I snagged it as it rolled out in those lovely gray bins. This was an item you do not walk to, you run.


LOVE that owl print! I work at a college with an owl mascot so I have a soft spot for them. Two weekends ago I went hunting and found a fabulous set of vintage flatware in a lovely ginkgo pattern. There was also a huge dollhouse (at least 4 feet tall and 2 feet deep!) at one sale, really lovely wood and obviously handmade but I have no kids and it was seriously HUGE. No way I could've taken it but I hope it found a good home.

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

That's a find! And yes, the yard sale sounds like a success to me: many things to new homes and $500 in pocket. Wonderful! I found a few things myself this week, so I'm linking up.


Hi, Happy Monday. My big yard sale find this weekend was a Thomas the Train battery operated ride-on train, that came complete with all of the tracks. I checked, and one online shop previously sold it for $279.99. I got it for - FIVE dollars!! All it needs is a new battery, and I will be the best Mom-mom in the world to my 2 grandsons. I also got a really nice desk-top globe at the same sale for 50 cents. Have a good week!


So- what hours did you run your sale? Did you bug out early or give those hardcore late day thriftters a chance? Ha- 100 degrees. We barely broke high 50s this weekend. (A nice intro to fall.)
I did find some nice glassware at GW on Thursday and before blogging I would never have looked at glassware. I'll be sharing it in a post in October. Very Mad Men.

Teresa Raines

I wish my garage sales were as successful as yours. The problems is we never have any large items to sell darn it!


Hope you get feeling better! I love the owl print, it's going to look fabulous in your home. This heat is awful, where's our fall?


I am always looking for owls! Cool print!


We're also planning for a make over and garage sale, hope it was a success my hubby is a collector of anything he likes to keep=)


Great owl print! Congrats on the garage sale success! Have a wonderful week!


Every yard sale I have, I swear it will be the last. But then I do it again. It's a lot of work! Sounds like you did well though... I'd rather go to them than have them and once again I say this year I'll never have another yard sale. We'll see. Love your post!


oh my, beautiful owl print!!

"at this point our space is more valuable than saving items for a 2nd sale later in the year", i have to remember that peace of mind is more valuable than keeping possibly useful stuff..
love it


I love that owl! I'm going to come and play here since I thrift year 'round! Thanks for hostessing!

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