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September 03, 2010



Maybe. You should find out if the store has a policy about employees shopping there. I know some of the Goodwills in NC have strict rules forbidding employees to buy anything at the store where they work.

Other than that, I bet it would be all kinds of fun.


depends on how much a person loves to drive & how strong they are to carry stuff around, if they allow you first dibs, if would be pretty amazing

ana @

i dunno... it could be like me working in a fabric store... i'd have a hard time not spending anything i'd make. so i guess it would depend on your self-restraint, and also the perks. i know one of our local shops does not allow their employees first dibs. they have to wait 2 weeks i think before they can make a purchase on any item that comes in. i'd definitely try and find out more about the position and see if it's a good fit for you. i don't know for sure, but i have a feeling you might find it cuts into your day and doesn't allow you the freedom of working from home (or wherever) as you normally do.

Vicki K

Serena - it seems like that job would take too much of your time! You do so many things and it seems like you would just run out of day - and maybe be frustrated by the lack of flexibility. You seem like more of self-starter (with your research and small business skills) than that would allow. Remember there would be just as many "bust" pick-ups as there are loser thrifting days.

Vicki K

Oops - sorry, SeLena - my impassioned response included hitting "Post" before proofing...


Hmm... agree with all the above commenters. Ask about their shopping policy and what all is required.

Good luck!


30 hours, just close enough to full time to take up too many hours without the perks of benefits or overtime, hmmm... I work insane hours but I've considered taking a 1-day thrift store job if it means first dibs at the bounty.

That's when you know you're a thrift addict...


I agree with the other comments as well. Not sure if the possible perks outweigh the 30 hours that could be used another way.


I couldn't do it, I'd want to grab the good stuff that comes in!


This would be a very fun job, but hard to resist buying things. Some of the thrift stores here have a policy that employees can purchase an item that has been on the floor for at least 48 hours. I would probably go nuts with the waiting! It would also be a good education on pricing and things that most people look for.


I would def. enjoy it not only for getting first whack {possibly} at the goods, but thriftues are always a fun bunch. I can already imagine all the thrifties you'd meet working there. And possibly good hunting tips as well.


I read your post on 18th August and I couldn't sleep. That place looked AMAZING and if this place is anything like it you HAVE to do it!! x

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Wow, sounds like a fun job to me! esp if you could get first dibs on incoming merchandise!


No, I wouldn't do it. You would be eating into your buying/selling time and it would take away from all the work you do at home. As others mentioned, so many places have policies against first dibs, it would drive me and YOU crazy to have to let stuff go.
What would you be gaining? If you could have first whack, m*a*y*b*e, but I'm thinking not. I once worked at a bookstore and my ex used to ask me if I was making any money. Nope.
But, if the owner wanted to share with you...find out more and get back to us. Hah!

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