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October 25, 2010



My personal little find of Friday was a hand-held frother for my coffee, $5. Waaaay cheaper than at the local gourmet kitchen store. Yay me!

Late Night Coffee

I LOVE that bike...I've wanted one myself with a basket like that too! Found one this weekend but it was way too rusty...yours looks like it is really good condition...Great price too! Congrats!

Patty Ashworth

I was up in NH visiting my sister. Always fun to go through the shops up there! Got little things (since my car is little). An art deco plate with tea cup, small salts, a slide ruler, sock darner,and thimbles. Old ones are thicker with deeper holes. I like to use those more than the new thimbles.


Beautiful bike! Congratulations for crossing it off your wishlist!

Emma Angel

Love the bike, it's great when you find something off your wishlist.

Carla Grace, Middleburg, Florida

Congratulations on the bike find! I remember it being on your wish list. I'm linking up this week - for the first time! Wahoo!


Oh, lucky you! It's wonderful when you can cross something big like that off of your list!


That bike was a really good find--Nishiki's are very cool & hard to come by. Total score!

Shopping Golightly

I purchased my very first fat jiggle machine! I have very unusual plans for this historical gem. It could turn out to be the best $15 I've ever spent. Time will tell.

I too have been on the lookout for a new bike for my Little Pie. She's outgrown the one refurbished from the alley. Of course my favorite bicycle in my red cruiser found in the alley. Please send me bicycle vibes.


What a sweet bike!


a Mary Poppins bike! love it. I found a fabulous plaid skirt, a brand new jockey bra (i always buy bras thrift, they're so expensive new and i often find them with the store tags still on, like this one) and a hallowe'en sound track CD, just in time for our youth party on Wednesday!

melony at whimsy daisy!

Aaaah. That bike...such a find. I just don't see those anywhere. But one of these days! :)


That bike looks cool. Great work. It's been long since i came across a bike. It reminds me of old times. Good old times. Sweet memories. Thanks for the pictures.


I found my bike a few weeks ago at a garage sale. Paid $15.00, worth every cent. I am loving riding it, especially as my 15 year old son likes to come with me. I had forgotten how much fun riding a bike is.


I found a cute ghost candy dish, a glass cookie jar and a glass ginger jar!

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