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November 01, 2010



I hope you feel better, I've been struck ill while thrifting twice. Do not like it!!!

I LOVE the smoking man and sheep, lovely finds as always! I've been thrifting for the essentials lately and love it. Now for cute vintage computer chair...


I didn't go thrifting this weekend -- that must be why it wasn't such a great one! ;) You found some great stuff. May I have that Vera towel, please? Is it going in a shop somewhere? ;)


I've been reading your blog for a while now and just have some questions/comments:
1)If it makes you feel any better, I have an English Degree and spell words wrong all the time. :)
2)I hope this isn't too personal, but I'm wondering if you actually make money off your thifting. I ask, because as your Thrift Share Monday's reveal, you go thrifting every weekend and I wonder what you do with all your 'stuff' (I know you ebay and etsy it) but in the end, does the money you receive from a purchase equal out in the end with the money you spent? Or even more so, do you profit from it?
I love thifting but I wonder if it is truly worth it to start buying and selling?


No estate sales in my neck of the woods, and yard sale season is over. I think I'll have to hit the thrift stores this week. Looks like you had some good finds!

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

Pretty finds, and I really love that smoker man! Didn't realize he was for incense. Cute!


Here's hoping you feel better soon.



I was surprised that there actually were 4 garage sales lsited for Halloween weekend here. sadly I did not get to any. We did get to our haunted walk in the woods and had a great time.
Not long ago I was in an import store looking at the original costs of those smoker figurines. Then recently I found one in a GW, not in perfect condition, but I had to bring him home. Felt sad for the guy.



Here is my entry for Thrift Share Monday. I hope I'll not too late for the roundup. I just bought the cushions at lunchtime.

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the Vera towel and I think you got some wonderful items for resale!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Teresa Raines

I'm still on hiatus from buying for reselling, and truly busy making a bunch of stuff. Sorry you got sick this week Selena and hope you have a speedy recovery.


I love your pictures--every week they catch my eye. I have a cold as well--hope you're feeling better!


Should I blog about my stuff, espically if I can't fully commit to doing it daily or even weekly? Also, do I need a blog to perticipate in thrit share?


Hiya, great finds!

I went thrifting today!
Booty sale!


I have that very same smoker man, bought in 1988 in Germany! We use it every Christmas.

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