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October 04, 2010



I'm equally enchanted by the simple shapes, colors, and designs of your vintage European ornaments. Very charming, they remind me of the perennial Christmas stop-motion specials. Excellent design! Nice chair too, I found a simular one for $5 at a tiny Church thrift store.


Good luck with finding that tree at a reasonable price.


what's the turnip story?

Emma Angel

I love your little wooden peeps!


I found a few items for you at my sale Friday. I'll drop them by sometime. Cool chair...


Hey! Just wanted to spread the word about my new blog where I document all the great clothing I find at Goodwill! :)

ana @ i made it so

i found 2 chairs just like that one last week... same shape, just a darker stain. hideous fabric which i'll be removing too. between the two of us, we have half a set ;) they are lovely aren't they!

Late Night Coffee

I LOVE those little "$1.00 a box" sweet!!!!


BOO!! i don't have a thrift share to share this week! maybe tonight?? see you Wednesday!


Wow. I love the Turnip People. What a fabulous find!


The turnip people are cute - don't think I've ever heard the turnip story. And the chair is fantastic!


Great chair. I love your christmas finds too. I'm afraid I would mostly find only truly tacky stuff in the charity shops here.


Love those Christmas ornaminets! the chair is a steal, I bought my dining room chairs off craigslist for $5 each, and am very pleased with myself. ;p

Into Vintage

These are so charming and I especially love the little guy standing in the wreath - his subtle colors are beautiful.

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

The little figures are sweet, but I love that chair! It definitely would have been the find of the day for me. :) I'll be back tomorrow to share my finds (oddly, my net connection's been out today) and visit some others tomorrow.


Lovely finds, Selena!


I *love* all your Christmas decor! I'm obsessing about little Waldorf-y wooden pieces these days ... yours are just great!


Ooooh LOVE the chair! That is definitely worth a pretty penny. :)

Teresa Raines

I love the ornaments. So cute. I've been keeping my eyes open for an aluminum tree for you, but I haven't seen a thing. There weren't any at De Anza this week.


The ornaments are too precious, I love the Swedish one, so cute!


Very sweet Christmas ornaments, and a great chair!


Those little people are indeed charming. And I love the design of that chair. Great find!


The lines of that chair are so simple yet, forever elegant in design. Beautiful! Very nice find. What color do you have in mind for the cushion? Maybe something Autumn-y to lead into winter? Have fun choosing!
My biggest find was actually a freebie, graciously gifted to me by one of my son's teachers: a waldorf playstand, just a single one, but oh what fun we have been having! :)


Love your ornament bonanza! Have you ever considered a "feather" style tree for displaying them? (Not the tabletop size, but an actual room-sized model.) I just wondered if this might show off your treasures to their best advantage, even if it is possibly more in the Prussian than Nordic tradition. Just a thought!


Great finds! You have the best sales in CA. People here in North TX prefer to shop at Kirkland's and the mall for decor, so not too many good estate sales around. When I do find one, it's rare and wonderful.

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