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November 22, 2010



Santa on a toadstool! Perfection! And I love LOVE that mod wrapping paper, shining and resplendent with retro glory, that find is.You came home with lots of vintage treasures!


Sadly no thrifting for me this weekend and I didn't get pictures of the stuff I found during the week but I scored some great vintage repro xmas ornaments as well as a AMAZING dress that I hopefully will have up for Etsy Shoppe Share this week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

You got some fun vintage holiday decor but, I have to admit, I LOVE the wrapping paper!!
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Oh I love that candle ring, I hope you can restore it!


What great finds this week! I do love those Santa ornaments. Boy, I wish I was local. That rooster ornament is very cool, and I'll admit to not being one of those people who collect chicken things.


I like the little chick on the ring.I know I have a thing for birds, but as I was typing my comment, it jogged my thinking and totally explains why I like the chick and the rooster, doesn't it? If I am any place up high, I always feel like jumping, not to hurt myself, but I guess, to fly...some friends have said they think I might have been a bird in a previous life, which is an interesting theory, but I do gravitate toward any type of birds. Perhaps I have said too much?


Love your finds. You are so lucky at estate sales. The ones around here are so overpriced, we can't justify buying almost anything. The rest of the sales are getting very sparse with the colder weather, but we give it a good try, then walk away shaking our heads. We did manage to find a real deal at a moving sale - a complete Aiwa stereo system for $5. Brilliant!


oh how i wish i could come to your waldorf faire!! i wish to have some of those delightful swedish ornaments. ;) looks like you found some really swell things this weekend! i am going to try and post about my children's book finds.


SAnta on toadstool is, honestly, the cutest thing i've seen in a while. i have a St. NIck collection (over 60 santas) and he'd fit right in!
i spent time this weekend hauling out the Christmas things i've bought at thrift shops all year and started doing inventory and wrapping (so that i don't end up over-shopping - does that happen to anyone else?) found out i have enough presents for both nieces for Christmas AND their birthdays (which are January and February) got some great stuff - beautiful blue ceramic bowls my sister will love, a set of starbucks christmas mugs ($1 each!) a brand new jewelry stand (tag still on it)for my niece, and a beatles anthology book (originally valued at $60 US, got it for $4.)i think my family will be happy! does anyone else buy their christmas gifts at thrift shops?


Well, since I have a thing for birds, I love the little chick and the rooster. Estate sales are far and few here, I sometimes feel so wistful, I want to be where ever the good sales are, surprising, isn't it?
I did go to a great church fair last week. It was one where the prices were so cheap and the old, well made kitchen items were plentiful. I feel a bit sad sometimes because I can imagine the woman who used all the tools has passed away and the family just donates all her old tools. Some families have no nostalgia or feeling of connecting to Grandma and Grandpa. Ah, well, many will serve me in my kitchen and will go in my shop...WHEN I EVER GET MY ACT TOGETHER!


ooh what fun stuff. i love the ornaments.

we have a few vintage staplers too and im always so excited when i find staples for them.


I *love* the old Santas, that rooster ornament, and the mod paper! That was a sale that would have made me happy, too! I haven't been to an estate sale in a few weeks and I'm going through withdrawal!


Mr and Mrs Santa caught my eye. They would be so nice on the mantel.



I too love that wrapping paper! And the tiny Santa under the toadstool is strangely cute.


Those ornaments are great, but I love the wrapping paper. There are almost endless opportunities for using that. Thanks for hosting the party!

Teresa Raines

Oh my gosh Selena! I have the same vintage Santa paper that I bought so many years ago from Cost Plus AND those lovely embroidered heart ornaments... I made a set of those years ago from a Vogue pattern! I still have some of those ornaments and I still have that pattern. As you know no thrifting for me because of the Haman Holiday Boutique. The turnout wasn't great because the weather was hideous down here, but I did ok and had lots of fun visiting with new friends.


Love that wrapping paper! Your other finds are fabulous too.

Leah in FL

Great Christmas finds, Selena! Love the paper Santas. :) I found some vintage paper Santa Advent calendars made in Denmark. They are already sold on Ebay. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

Krystal [Felix & Lily]

How cute is the little santa under the toadstool! Ive seen many santa ornaments before, but never one under a toadstool :)

Loving the wallpaper too!

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