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December 15, 2010



Those are really beautiful. I never would have thought to make ornaments out of beeswax--very cool.


These are pretty! I've never seen beeswax while thrifting...odd find, but obviously a great one :)


Those are so cute...we saw some at a craft show that were painted icons...really neat looking.


I added you to my link list. Hope you don't mind. Thanks, Karen


Hey ATG - Sent you a couple of emails to let you know that you won my give-away part 2, Diana Durkes e-book, Secondhand Shabby. Please contact me asap so I can facilitate your prize with Diana! Thanks!


I have some beeswax I picked up at a thrift store, but I don't have a special wax melting pot. Are there alternative ways of melting it?

Sandy @ RE

What a fun thing to do. Maybe next year with my BG group? I need to remember this :)


After the holidays I really want to get back to crafting and want to link up. Since ALL my craft supplies are second hand and thrifted that rule is no problem for me.
I have many molds and am always looking for new ways to use them. I bet you could add some scent to the wax, or maybe a drop of vanilla...not sure about cinnamon but I would try.

Congratulations on your book win.

Tinuviel Kruse

Love the Legacy! I can't believe you got thrifted bee's wax. That is so cool. Western Farm seems like they've got a good choice. Bee Kind is so close to the Legacy, though. Great gift idea!

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