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December 02, 2010


Selena Cate

The video was simply shot on a flip camera. I havent figured out the editing process yet so each change is me simply turning the camera off and on :-) As I mentioned in this post, Im at the basic level with my filming skills. I loaded the flip to my mac and then made the movie using the movie feature. It was fun to do and hopefully as I continue they will get better and more interesting.
xoxo Selena


one of the most interesting things to me about your video was hearing your voice! you don't even realize that you've made an impression about someone's voice until you hear it. i don't know why, but i guess i expected your voice to be lower than it is. isn't that weird? anyway, you have a lovely voice, and the video is great! i love the innovative things you do on your blog and the way you are always trying something new. i'm in BC, so i won't be down for the winter faire, but look forward to reading about how it went!


Selena! How fun to watch your video...I noticed you were saying; "...thinking outside the box," as you were panning around the wooden box of ornaments. ;-) (Natural visual analogy?!) The price stickers do have a bit of a vintage feel, really, with the blue thingy running along the top...not so sterile as the plain white ones. Good call! I'm excited to see your Winter Faire booth this year! (And thanks for the discount for being a fan!)

amy zimmer

Super! So easy to listen to and watch...You should be "overall" pleased with your video! You never fail to amaze me! xo A


Selena, the video's great. Wish I was going to be in your area this weekend. Love that first fabric you priced!


You have a lovely melodic voice!
I recently bought one of those sticker guns at the thrift store! Unfortunately, the ink cartridge needs to be replaced, but I think it is going to be very handy.
Oh, and the stickers are neon orange. Guess I'll be replacing those, too! ha!
I also found a price tagging gun - the kind that puts the plastic hang tag holder-thing on. It has been so handy for so many things! It would be great for pricing vintage fabric.

Selena Cate

Thanks for the kind comment Kim. And Id LOVE to get one of those tag guns. Im going to add that to my thrift wish list.

Vintage gift

So glad to visit your blog and it sound great with this creative workouts. Video's are really cool. Can you get me a new flower ornaments for next year? Wonderfull job!!!!

Kelsey Kelly

Cute! Hope you sell a ton! :-)


Thanks for creating this lovely post, Selena! We are thrilled to have your new incarnation "Mod Sonoma" at this year's Winter Faire!

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