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December 06, 2010



I had the same experience at what is usually the same old "Craft Show" in Colonial Williamsburg. I went because my mom really wanted to get out. I have'nt been in years because it got to be the same people w/ the same items, candles, dip mixes, soap, crafts from the 80's and then very expensive paintings by super talented artists that were just waay out of my price range. This time I was very surprised to find a woman w/ vintage books, Christmas cards, stockings (from the dime store), and ornaments. I was so excited and she was VERy resonable. I spent $30 and got 15 ornaments, 5 books, a paper snowman centerpiece, 6 never used Christams card samples, a tinsel tree and 3 dime store stockings! Can't wait for project day to use them up! Thanks for being creative and doing something different at your fair too!


My favorite find of the weekend (for ourselves, not to sell) are vintage wood salt/pepper grinders in the shape of an apple and pear. The "stem" at the top is the grinding mechanism, complete with a little "leaf" to hold while grinding. I LOVE THEM!!!


I love the vintage idea for the winter faire-it sounds lovley. the first photo of the pins for sewing is really great!


You are after my own heart with all that vintage Christmas and the fabric and crafts -- swoon! I know *exactly* how you feel. I saw some vintage Christmas at an antique show over the weekend and it was a feeling I just can't describe...bliss!

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

Oh that pink and white corsage is lovely, and I bet it would look amazing on a wool coat. Love the linens and fabrics and that ornament is very cool. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Me? I didn't find a ton this week, but what I did find were two things I adore. Yay!

Audrey Pettit

What awesome finds! I would have been in heaven with the vintage craft supplies and Christmas goodies. :)


When we finally decided I had to get out of the house we drove 2 hours to a mega humongous juried craft fair at a university. However, this show is so big and draws such a crowd that you do tend to see the same people year after year. What it does for me is inspired me to craft myself. So after the show I hit thrift stores that are not my usual shops. And my finds? Lots of ribbons to craft with.


I too went to the little craft faire in our town on Saturday and sure enough...candles, soap, crochet blankets. And back in the back was a little old lady selling vintage jewelry and aprons! I bought a necklace and we chatted for a long time. I told her about Etsy and she said she didn't even own a computer. Her little granddaughter said "Don't worry Granny, we're getting you one for Christmas!" Hopefully she will set up an Etsy shop!

P.S. I too was at an estate sale for over two hours this weekend!

Into Vintage

Boxes of fabric? Music to my ears...and the vintage Christmas - yikes! I love everything you purchased - I would have gotten exactly the same things! Hoping we'll hear more details about your experience at the Winter Faire.

Selena Cate

This is great feedback! I may try a few more craft fairs next year. For me the key is to price items throughout the year so that when December hits I can just load up the boxes in the van and go to the fair. I think it is lovely to hear that many of you are discovering a vintage booth at your local fairs.
xoxo Selena


loved the spools of thread too - not that i'd ever do anything with them, i just love the way they look. it's the same feeling i get when i see beautifully displayed fabric or hand-made paper; i just wish i had a place in my home to display stuff like that so i could just look at it! i agree that the white fabric would make great curtains.
i notice that you attend alot of estate sales. i wonder if this is something that is more popular in the states than in canada; i don't come across them advertised very often.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

I found a coat for myself at thrift last week! I was so excited - it's a red wool/cashmere blend, fits well, is warm, and only needed a few stiches to secure the buttons.


Oh wow - that mid-century fabric is stunningand the pinkish corsage is jsut heaven - it made me smile.


Sounds like a wonderful sale--perfect finds, I love everything! You always find the best stuff.


Gosh! And wow! The vintage cotton spools are so sweet. The fabric, just gorgeous. And the vintage decorations are charming - my bah humbuggyness is dissipating...


I'm stalking your Esty store for that towel! I love a funky vintage tea towel, especially a calendar one.

Linda @ A La Carte

You did find some wonderful items I must say. It's funny how something like thread brings back so many memories! Love all the fun ornaments and great fabric you found. Thanks for hosting this fun party!


It looks like you really scored. Thanks for hosting the party again this week.


I'd say the Estate Sale was a winner for you. You know, I'm sure I once owned something made with that grey and pink fabric. In the early 60's I had a pink/grey/black kitchen if you can imagine. Maybe I had curtains made with that. I just know the fabric is SO familiar.



You have the most amazing estate sale finds. I'm always jealous! I have got to start looking for estate sales here--thrift stores just don't have vintage stuff this good.


Wonderful finds! Love the vintage fabrics!
Thank you for visiting my blog! Your place looks wonderful!
Jana (Helmitarha)

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