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December 13, 2010


ana @ i made it so

those red shoes are just something else, selena! and the napkins are another favourite. great finds.

thanks for the thrift share monday. have a great week!


That is an awesome haul! I love the shoes. It's a good thing they aren't my size. :) I love, love that dish set.


I think it is better not to know the situation behind some sales. You have to never feel quilty when you are paying the asking price, and most times not even when asking for a quantity discount. You have to understand you are providing a benefit to the seller and not always just being cheap. (I think of myself as cheap.)


Those boots are fabulous! I bet the original owner would have been thrilled that you adore them so much. So many great finds!


Oh, those napkins! Maybe you would consider letting me know when you post them to Etsy? I *love* them and have been on the hunt for more napkins...


You certainly hit the jackpot with that estate sale! I love the Christmas ornaments you found.

Lisa G.

Hi Selena, If you don't sell those napkins to Alexandra in the comments I'll buy them from you! Love the color and the butterflies on them. Then you wouldn't have to photo them and list! Sounds like your weekend was great.


The "keep or not to keep" is definitely on me about those Ben Seibel dishes! I think I'll keep the 2 dinner plates, but sell the 4 salad plates. LOVE them! I also want to find more Swiss Chalet dishes, so I'm "putting it out there" to find some more. You really scored this weekend, Selena, good for you!!! Welcome back to eBay!


You have quite the restraint if all the shoes are your size and you are only keeping one pair. Will you be posting a link to your eBay store? I would love to save it as a favorite in case you find a pile of size 10 designer shoes to resell!

amy Zimmer

boots are just awesome! score!


I love it. I havent had that kind of sale for a while now. But the thrift stores have been kind to me.

YAY on attaining power seller.


oh my those shoes are just about killing me... how do I access your sales online? would you be able to send me a link?

Selena Cate

Ill send a link through the ATG facebook page when the auctions are up.


The Mikasa Parisian set is just beautiful. My sister has her kitchen done up in Eiffel towers and Paris posters, and would love it. I am going to have to start looking locally for pieces for her, I had never seen that set before.


I love those red shoes --oh wow!! so cute.

and the Mikasa dishes are great!


I LOVE both the red shoes & especially the boots. Of course, you know mercury bead garlands are always the best score in my eyes! Those owls are pretty neat...


I'm new to this whole reseller bit and have been following your blog for a few months. You comment that you aren't looking forward to listing on eBay. Can you elaborate? That's all I've been doing, so far, and have had fair success with it. Success in terms of sales, not running across nasty buyers and have had only 1 non-payer and 1 thing broken during shipment. Are there other problems lurking that I don't know about?

And I too, at times, have pangs of guilt when at estate sales. But I have more of the thoughts of why isn't the family taking a lot of the items. There are some things, personal things, that I can't fathom anyone letting them go, such as military awards, family photos, etc.

Selena Cate

Hi Annette. I think my concern with eBay is really due to me doing too many things all at once. I write 2 (+1) blogs, sell on 2 Etsy sites and sell books through various venues. Adding eBay into the mix which overall is a lot of work, just puts a lot of pressure on my very full work day. But at the end of the day its a great place to sell items. Overall my personal experience there is a good one. Most buyers are positive and good to work with. Im glad to hear that it is working well for you. I think if I only did eBay it would be a lot easier for me.
xoxo Selena

Into Vintage

Oh those boots! I would keep them too and you'd probably see my feet in them in the photo because I'd never takem off. Too cute.

BTW - I'm a big believer in a Christmas gift for myself. If you keep the dishes, you may end up enjoying them for many years and maybe even pass them along to one of your children like my mother and grandma did for me.

An $8 Anthro dress? *sigh*

Into Vintage

Whoops - 'takem' off? Sorry - I meant to say 'take them' off. :-)

Lily Latorre

Hi Selena,
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I recently started focusing on going to more estate sales, to start reselling myself.I know what you mean you say that " to keep or not keep" is the hardest thing.By the way what size are the shoes you picked? Thanks, Lily


I'm blown away by the awesomeness of your purchases at the "shoe house"...even if you weren't a re-seller, it would have been fantastic! Wonderful that your biz bank account was abundant enough to "go for it"! So, the shoes were your size..was the dress?? ps...You can "Christmas me" anytime with Parisienne-ware ~ I'm in lurve!!! LOL


Lovely finds! I go to a lot of estate sales as well. I know the weird feeling that can come over you as your looking through someone's house that you know recently passed away. When I first started, I really struggled with this. Especially when there are personal items (like one commenter mentioned). The way I ended up being okay with it is this: The person who collected these great things probably loved them very much. The person selling them doesn't love them or just can't afford to keep them. When I step in and buy something, I'm making sure that item will find another place that it will continue be loved and appreciated.

Selena, Thanks for putting these great Thrift Share Mondays together. I absolutely love seeing what buried treasure everyone is digging up. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday =)


What awesome finds! I particularly like the owls. :-)


Now that looked like fun! Great finds for you and I can certainly commiserate with the keep/sell dilemma. I fell in love with 2 vintage bottle brush wreaths I found at Goodwill and am waiting to see if the EXTREMELY high priced one I saw listed on ebay sells. Until then, they're hanging in my windows!

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