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January 01, 2011



There's a APP on eBay that looks to be a huge help its especially for taxes called Outright. I"m using that in 2011, its in eBay apps! Ok I totally sound like an ad but I swear I'm not.:) Good luck in 2011 I predict it will be your best year yet!


as ALWAYS you ROCK Selena! love you and miss you <3 can't wait to see you in the new year!


I feel like an idiot here, but I cannot figure out how to get to the Ebay spot for the invoices! I get lost in the my account, select invoices (right side). HELP! Thanks! Susan

Vicki K

What is your theory as why January is still a good sales month? People buying what they didn't get for Christmas?

Selena Cate

Hi Susan. On the right side of my Account Page (Account is a tab I clicked on my main eBay page). To my right there is a box and in the box it says invoices with a drop down menu. You can then choose what month that you would like to see for an invoice. Did that work?

Selena Cate

Vicki, Ill write a post about the ReSelling year this week that answer this question.


QUESTION: Why do you do inventory? Is it a tax issue or a personal business issue?
I've been using Quicken for years, so I don't keep an Excel spreadsheet, except for mileage.
This is a great post! Thanks for all the info!


This is fantastic. I'm just getting started down the reselling road and the biggest mental block I have is how to deal with all the money and tax stuff. Thanks for all the great Reselling advice.


Wowzer, those are fabulous re-selling totals. I know I sold nearly £400 of items on ebay in approx. three weeks at the end of Nov. / beginning of Dec. but apart from that I've no idea what my sales totals for the year would be (waaay short of any income tax bracket that's for sure.) I think in 2011 I'm going to start writing the totals down at the end of each calendar month and then I'll have a much better idea.

Hope you have a wonderful 2011, Selena, and thanks for all the great posts and beautiful photos you've shared with us in 2010.


Great year for you, and may 2011 be even better. I will also be awaiting your reasons for reselling in January. Not that I'm selling anything, I just find business (and making money) interesting. : )


Happy New Year to you and your family, Selena! I was amazed at your numbers, you've sold for so much money, congrats!!You'll do even better this year, you're on a roll. :-)



Great reminder post!! You are so organized!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I've printed off your list...should speed things up in the next few weeks of gathering all my receipts and expenses for 2010!

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