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January 05, 2011



really like the sharing posts! I don't collect much though, so I may not share this time.


I love the share idea! I always love to see other peoples second hand treasures. :)

Stephanie Coop

I 3rd that emotion. I like sharing post too. I get inspired to keep up the hunt. Thank you for investing time in this idea.


Love that green on the fondue set! Thank you so much for all you do with this blog. It has helped me to say motivated and you give so many helpful tips. I just got my first smart phone and I'm wondering which book scanner app you find the best? I'm just getting started with books. I notice that Amazon determines the shipping the customer is to pay, but often the shipping is more. I guess you just have to set a book price to compensate for this? Also, some people have their books priced so low,for pennies. I'm a little confused. Sorry for all the questions.


I will definitely participate in the sharing at some point.
One piece of advice about fondue, if you've never done it before, clean up the pot and utensils ASAP. Trust me. A friend nearly lost a fondue pot because he let the cheese sauce congeal.


What a lovely idea! I always enjoy seeing others collections. I'll be participating more in the Make Share this year, and now I look forward to this, too.

That's a great fondue set from a wonderful and generous friend. We have a wonderful, and modern, set ourselves and it's such fun. Have you used it?


I have enough collections, yes, gleaned piece by piece from non retail sources, to share one almost (if not more than) every week. Time to post and do an informative blog? Not as much but I will put some effort into it.
What I need to do is honor my collections better and display them in enjoyable ways.
So besides seeing other peoples collections I want to see creative ways to use them in your home decor! I'd love inspiration.

A La Modern

Definitely a nice idea with the Collect Share. I think a lot of sellers/thrifters are also collectors- that goes for us. Don't have a particular recent post for this Share, but we still run a couple of collecting blogs, will try get some share posts up for the next one.

Wow, that Cathrineholm is a nice one. I haven't been able to thrift any of the Viking/Saturn pattern yet. We only have Lotus, and some of the striped ones. Used to find Cathrineholm in thrifts a lot more, but it's too well known now, so prices are high.


Thanks a ton for the link! I'm glad that you found one of my articles on Ars Longa helpful!

Stacey Ball

Love it and too funny that a friend and I just started a similar thing today! We are doing ours every Thursday so I will definitely be participating in yours as well! I love seeing your thrifty finds!


That fondue set is beautiful, I've never seen anything quite like it--perfect for you. Currently I'm not really collecting anything too exciting, after reading the book you suggested I've kinda gone cold turkey on accumulating things..but I am excited to check out other people's treasures!

Alicia @ eco friendly homemaking

The fondue pot is really neat looking and I love the color!


I hope that "simply reader", not a blogger, input about Collect Share is appropriate feedback for you, too! I enjoy reading how and where collections start/grow! I always click onto those bloggers who Thrift Share and Craft Share and have began following/commenting on account of their links to your continued inspirations for inviting folks to connect in the thrifting world!

Linda @ A La Carte

I love the idea of sharing collections. Is this a weekly party? I would love to join in next time. linda~

Selena Cate

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! It looks like this is something that will interest most of you. Linda, Im not sure how often Ill do it but Ill try to get in a post about it next week for sure. The only one I definitely do weekly (unless I mention it otherwise) is Thrift Share Monday. For me, its my favorite post of the week. I love seeing what you all have found.


I love this idea for sharing collections. I linked up my world globes and have a lot more collections ready to go. Thanks for always having such interesting content on your blog.

granny's closet

I love that Fondue pot! it is always great to have friends who know exactly what you love. Thanks for creating this sharing community too, it's a wonderful idea.


thanks for stopping by my led me to yours!
I really love my thrifty scores and look forward to participating in your Collect Share :-)

Vintage gift

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This is a great idea. I have a few more collections to share in the future. And that fondue pot is totally awesome! I have never seen anything like that before. Enjoyed checking out everyone's collections as well. ~ Karen

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