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January 14, 2011



Great discussion! Like others here, I have had to contemplate such ethics when stumbling upon gorgeous vintage furs or even just fur trimmed coats. While I loved them completely and they were from another decade, I, personnally, was unable to buy them (however, ironically, leather has never been as issue to me). Many of the animals were brought to a point of extinction early to mid-century when items such as your necklace and those lovely fur coats was made (less regulations, more ruthless killing sprees, legal poaching of sorts than modern times-not that regulations makes it any easier to stomach).
That being said, I do agree the animal is not coming back and should be honored. I love the above idea of making it into individual necklaces as an awareness statement or honoring of the animal's spirit with proceeds going to a charity.

What a wonderful topic!


thanks for getting us thinking!
Who publishes those books! I couldnt resell them either and would destroy them.


I think ivory is beautiful, but so are elephants. Luckily over here in the UK (and you might find it the same in the US) all ivory has to be from before 1947, that for one makes life easier. I own a few bits of pre-1947 ivory which I cherish because they are beautiful and because I know they are from times when people didn't think the way we do now.
The only problem is telling the difference between new and old so I buy very old to avoid that problem. With ivory though there are laws about trading, I couldn't send it to you without getting a license. I think its the same with any protected species.

I have never thought about books though, I don't buy in bulk so I have never run into that problem, I empathise though.


Very interesting! Personally, I wouldn't buy and wear vintage fur or ivory, just because if I would wear it today who could see it's vintage? I would (again, this is for me personally) be afraid it still sends a message I think fur is ok (even when it's old). For me, top to toe in fur is really distasteful in this day and age, old-fashioned too, to be honest. The ivory too. There are lots of beautiful things for sale that didn't come from animals, vintage or not. But I understand about honoring the animal and that is a beautiful thought.



Thanks for starting this very thoughtful discussion, Selena. So many commenters had so much to add and very interesting stories. I was able to buy some faux ivory (really bone) in China while I was there and it's beautiful, but now I wonder if people will think it's ivory!


I can completely relate to this post. I have felt this a few times. Fur being a big one. Depending on what it is, a note where you are re-selling could be made saying that while you don't support it, it is a vintage piece. My good friend is a vegetarian, yet wears a pair of seal skin :( Chanel boots that she purchased second hand. What to do, what to do...

I have to say, I probably would've given your sweet little face a bit of an odd look if I were the person ringing through your human torture book! You just don't quite look the type! :)

Thanks for this! Interesting comments too!



Hi Selena, fantastic point... I have not had this experience yet.

I was thinking perhaps a Museum or Zoo would be interested in purchasing it (or it could be gifted to them).

Our Zoo here in Melbourne has an amazing centre for rescued elephants and an educational centre that teaches about the hunting and poaching history. Just a thought.

Rach xo @


If you're really worried about the necklace you can contact the US Fish and Wildlife. They maybe able to tell you what animal it came from and if it's alright to have.

Mark Smith

I have had this same dilemma with books. My hot button is books about how women should be subservient to their husbands - unfortunately a category that seems to enjoy some value in the marketplace. I have not only thrown away the occasional book I scanned and brought home by accident, but have even bought them simply for the pleasure of destroying them.

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