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January 12, 2011



Oh, that is so lovely :0)
I wish they made things like that at my childrens school...
Have a great week.


Repurposed or made from natural goods is better than purchased thrift.
At Renaissance faires I have worked there are often broom makers who are proud of their livlihood and have loyal, appreciative customers who return for more as gifts.


that is impressive! lots of hard work and artisan skill!

Vicki K

Cerys' work is beautiful! That broom is such a treasure for so many reasons - the process of making it, it's functionality, and it's attractive handmade quality - it will be great in the Sonoma Homestead.


That is beautiful! Cerys did a lovely job. It's always fun to make things, and even more fun when it's something functional! Then you, or the person you made it for, gets to use it.


This broom is gorgeous, I love the rustic homemade vibe and how it was built for educational value. It's truly a work of art.

When you say "Save it", do you mean "wait to use it"?


Lovely job!!!


That is totally awesome!


one of the many reasons i adore waldorf education!! it is a gorgeous broom and i love that you are saving it for your homestead. broom lore says that you should have a new broom when you move into a new space. ;)

Selena Cate

Rae, I so needed to read your comment today. Im trying to stay strong with the vision of our homestead in my mind as we try to sell our house up north. I loved reading about the folklore of the broom and will carry that thought with me. Thank you you so much.
xoxo Selena


WOW. that is amazing. and it underscores for me the fact that i would die if i had to live as a pioneer. :-)
but it is very, very cool that she saw the process literally from the ground up.


I'm so impressed with this and I envy her for having this memory to savor, like you said...she'll always know she made a broom...and the process. I also appreciated that you gave us the right pronunciation of her name in a recent post...I'd been wondering for years, since I first found your blog!

granny's closet

a beautiful broom, and the whole process is so meaningful. It's wonderful post, and truly warms my heart


Harry Potter inspired broom? It is indeed a work of art. A homemade broom out of dried plants is simply a thrifty thing to do. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. We can use it in a lot of things such as house cleaning. More power and keep up the good job.


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