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January 18, 2011


A La Modern

That's a really nice little project you put together with the Heath tile samples. I totally hear you on the price of new Heath. I know it's worth it, and it's such a quality product, but it's definitely out of our price range - except for occasional gifts.

We were really excited when they opened the Los Angeles outlet here. Even if you don't buy anything, I'd encourage anyone to check them out if you happen to be close by. We took my mom to the store during a demonstration day, and Robin actually showed how they make the teapot. Very cool..

Oh, and thank you so much for the shout-out. =)

Selena Cate

Yes you are right, even though my purchases were only $4.00 it is still worth going. The childrens section alone was eye candy with Eames Font Blocks and M. Sasek books. We are hoping to go down to LA in the summer for the Tim Burton exhibition and hopefully can visit the Heath Outlet too. How fabulous to see a demonstration of Robin making a teapot.
xoxo Selena


Lovely project! I look at the Heath website from time to time and swoon.


Those tiles are so pretty, and it's a great way to use them. I'll be putting mine up later this week {I'm about halfway finished}. Can't wait to take a look at the rest of the Make Share projects.

Carla Grace

Hi Selena, In response to your comment...yes, once you change the settings on your sewing machine, the machine does all the gathering for's really, really simple. If you try it you won't believe it!! I made two scarves in less than 20 minutes. Pick up an old t-shirt and give it a go.


You are so totally ~cool~ and an inspiration!!! It matches your owls, too :-) Excellent and thrifty creation!!

Amy Zimmer

Awesome colors. Good eye! Amy


It looks wonderful - I'm inspired to try something similar!


Thanks so much for the amazing content you continue to post on your blog, and for being an early supporter of my little blog. Though I'm sure you've already been the recipient of this many times I would be remiss not too make you #1 on my list :-)

Katie Trott

I have wanted to go to Heath pottery too. I love their colors, so rich and saturated. There is a local pottery nearby me called "Clouds". It's painted and I love their mugs, which I have a small collection of. I love setting them out when we have company over. Everyone can pick out their favorite.


I think it looks great!


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