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January 31, 2011




I'm new to the world of ReSelling, and I'm very new to Etsy.
So this challenge will help me really build my Etsy store!
My Listing Challenge Goal is 20 items during February (I have 3 right now).

Thank you for this exciting opportunity!

A La Modern

This sounds like a really fun challenge, and I think it'll provide a little kick in the pants for me to list more items. I'd had a vague goal of getting up to 200 items in our Etsy shop sometime soon, but putting a deadline on it will help me get going.

We have about 100 items right now on Etsy (one thing is that we keep selling stuff, so the number keeps going down!) so our listing challenge will be 100 items during February on Etsy. No idea if we can do it, since we have the other main shop too, but I'll give it a go. =)


Yes, I'm ready to accept the challenge! Thanks for this great idea!

I already have a New Year's Resolution of listing 6 items a week on eBay (Sarsaparilla) and/or Etsy (Sarsaparilla's Boudoir), and I managed to meet that goal during January. But I think I can do better than that! So for February, I will increase the number to 10 items a week - 40 total! If I relist something because it didn't sell, that doesn't count - must be fresh items.

This will be tough! - but Etsy sales are good for me right now, so I need to take advantage. Good luck to everyone!
- Susan


I enjoyed looking at each of the stores. What a great idea. And I can't believe the number of items you have listed. You have such a knack for finding wonderful collectibles.


This sounds like a lot of fun! I just opened my Etsy store on Saturday so I have quite a bit of a learning curve going on. Your blog inspired me to put myself out there - thank you. My goal is to add 50 listings this month. Hopefully, I will get faster at listing and photographing items as well!

Thanks for hosting this!

Robin ;-)

Thanks Selena for putting out the challenge. I need the motivation. I have an ebay store and try to keep my inventory at 300 or more. I was doing a really good job of it until the holidays and vacation. Now, I am down to almost 200 items. My goal is to list 100 BIN items in my ebay store and have at least 5 auction style listings in the month of February. Here's to a successful month!


I am right here cheering each and everyone on! I may join you towards the end of the month. My challenge for myself is to commit to reading up on listing rules and fees for several venues and to list items on our local CraigsList.


Okay I'm going to go with a relatively modest challenge of 20 items but for me that's a lot! I'm going to be listing on my etsy shop and the first item is a gorgeous vintage wool coat.


Ok, I'm in. Here are my personal goals: Miniumum of 5 eBay auctions daily, 5 eBay fixed price listings and 3 Etsy listings daily. If I build it, they will come! Right??? Looking forward to supporting everyone else on the list too...I'm also going to actually begin work on my blog in earnest. Please check me in a day or two at Any creative commentary and input is most appreciated. Looking forward to great success personally and good luck to all of you. Here we go!

Jackie K

So glad you're doing this!! I'm a "domestic picker" and use my eBay listings to pay my monthly car bill and other expenses that crop up! My goal will be to list 100 items on eBay during February, and then try to keep the ongoing auctions/BIN's at 100 or more. My stretch goal will be to get 5 items listed in my etsy shop!


My goal is to get my eBay store up to 100 listings by the end of the month. This inventory needs to moooove! :)


alright, i am in. my goal is to add 28 items to my vintage etsy shop (DigVintage)during the month of february. one listing for every day of the month (though not necessarily listed daily). pretty modest goal to some, but my online shops suffer woefully with all my attention usually focused on my family and brick & mortar shop. best wishes on the month, all!


OK, we are in, too. We will list at least 3 items on Ebay per day, not including the auction items that don't sell and go to BINs. We will also commit to listing 30 Amazon and/or Alibris items for the month. We don't have quite the back-log on individual books. We have more sets, which will be listed on Ebay.
Thanks for the kick in the pants, Selena. This will be fun!


I'm going to do a fairly "easy" version, since I haven't sold anything in ages. I'm challenging myself to list at least one new item each week.


I commit to listing 40 new BIN items on The Poppy Petals eBay store. Only items I have in the house right now will count towards the number unless I run out (doubtful :)


I love this idea! My goal is to keep my etsy store at 200 items at all times. Thank you for hosting this challenge--very cool.


My challenge for February is to list 125 books and to list 100 dress patterns. Still trying to decide whether Etsy or eBay is better for the patterns.


I'm in the middle of a major kitchen renovation, but I'm going to do this anyway. I have a box of books waiting to be listed on Amazon and a whole bunch of things that need to be photographed and listed on etsy. So my goal will be to empty the Amazon box by listing them over the next few weeks, to take photos of my vintage kitchen items and to get them posted on etsy by mid-February. Thanks for hosting this -- I really need the motivation!


Count me in! I am currently at 150 items in my Etsy store, I'll commit to get that number up to 250. There are many smaller items in my inventory to list and this is just the 'push' needed to get going!
Thanks, Selena, this will be fun!

dfw girliegirl housewife

Hi. I am joining your resale challenge. How exciting. My goal is to list 25 items in my etsy shop. I know, not a lofty goal, but I am new to resaleing and am nervous about not saleing anything. I find such cute things and have a hard time parting with them, 25 items will be quiet a challenge for me. If I list more, even better. My etsy shop is Girlie Girls's Notion Shop. I list notions, vintage patterns, and all kinds of other vintage goodies.



I sell mostly vintage on Etsy and eBay and I will partake in your listing challenge in hopes of staying motivated and doing more with my online sales. I have the thrifting part down pat but the listing and selling is definitely lacking! Thanks for the inspiration! (This is also my first effort at 'interaction' with a thrifting blog, so just to be able to follow the 'linking' directions and execute them is challenging to me haha). It's fun to learn new things everyday eh? kikithespunkymunky is the name of both my Etsy and eBay stores.


...And my listing goals are: 5 new eBay listings a day, 2 new Etsy listings a day. Hopefully more.


I'm going to do it too. I need the motivation. I plan on listing 5 new auctions a day and try to get my Etsy shop up and running. Thanks Selena!


Excellent challenge! I'm in!

I can't resell online because of lack of time/storage so I have a booth at a local antique mall. I made over $100 in sales gross but it's much less when you take out the expensive fees. My goals:

1) Do cleaning/repairs on everything in my home that needs to go into the shop and put it in.
2) Make banners and stage the booth to perfection.
3) Do what it takes to earn $100 after rent/fees.

This year has been so motivating, I love how everyone seems to working hard to follow through on their goals.


Thanks for the challenge. I needed this, I sat down tonight to do some listings and started reading blogs instead. Just glad I follow yours and will commit to listing 100 items in my Etsy store in February.

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