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January 11, 2011


~ Junkyard Jennifer

Thanks for all of this great information! I struggle with keeping everything organized when it comes to the bookkeeping end of reselling and this is all very helpful.

I used to be an Excel whiz...but that was over ten years ago! I think it's time to relearn it all. :)

~ Jennifer


I bought a lot of stuff in my lifetime not with the thought of reselling it. Now I want to sell some of it and don't really know all of these facts. I hope I can sell it anyway.

A La Modern

Wow, this is a really amazing run-down of the records side of the business! I was going to write up some posts detailing the records we've kept, but you've covered nearly everything.

We pretty much have every single excel tab you have (we use a combination of Filemaker Pro and excel). A few things ppl might want to also include - for inventory, it can be helpful to include the "box number" or "location" in inventory, especially if you have a lot of items stored away. Also, I've found it helpful to include "condition", "weight", and "dimensions". Including this info right away when you get home from purchasing saves time listing later on.

We also do purchases for Ebay, Etsy, etc. all on one sheet, with a column for "sold at". Probably should check w/ tax guy, but we do all the fees associated w/ all the diff selling venues in an "Expenses" sheet. Because believe you don't have to tie the listing fee to a particular item - all that matters is the total monthly fees. This is helpful, so you don't have to keep track of relistings, moving an item from Etsy to your main shop, etc. But, I'm not an accountant either...

Amy Zimmer

You are amazing!


FYI - Microsoft offers free online Excel training at

Selena Cate

Thanks Ginny. What a great link. Im definitely going to be using this.
xoxo Selena


This is so helpful. I'm about ready to take the plunge into eBay, and plan to take a class to get started properly. You always hve such good information to share.


Wow...these are such amazing tips. Thanks so much for your insight! This is my 1st full year as a reseller & I'm struggling with the book keeping aspect of the biz so this post was definitely an inspiration.
Enjoying your blog & thanks again!


I am impressed by your organization! I know I don't write off half of what I could if I'd only keep track, but then it would probably show my "business" at a loss and there are only so many years the IRS will let you do that ;) I really stopped by to make sure that you received the e-book and candles that you won in my give-away last month. Hope you are enjoying everything!


Thank you for sharing so many details. This has been on my mind a lot since the first of a new year. I would love to have a system in place before I even get to listing items for sale. Van shared her system a short bit ago and the Excel link will brush up those dormant skills I had after a class too many years ago.
With working on my massive clean up efforts I am uncovering many old "treasures" from a previous lifestyle that have to go.


I bought this tracking software which is fantastic. It pulls all the information off your ebay login.
Its Excel based and has various tabs


Thanks for this, Selena! I'm collating a number of ideas for tracking things and planning to rope my darling husband into helping my work out the Excel formulas to make my own. I really appreciate you sharing yours, and the comments are helpful, too.


Thank you! I just started this myself - this was very helpful!



Thanks for these great tips Selena! I too would like to know what I should do with the items I'd like to sell but did not keep the receipts for when I bought them. I know about what I paid for them. Should I just add it to spreadsheet and put them up for sale? Thanks!

Nery Freiler

In bookkeeping, you should separate the personal finances from the business ones. You can organize all of those data and remind yourself when to pay their taxes.

excel training

I am looking for a professional, paid, course in Excel that will be thorough and explain all of the functions needed for financial reporting. I do not need VBA-- but in depth training of sorting/pivot tables/etc are needed. A full one, or two day course is what I envision.

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