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January 09, 2011



I hit a few thrift stores this week-we just don't have a LOT of estate sale so my weeks are hit and miss

A La Modern

Love the clock and the Vera napkins - I hear you on the whole "bought it to sell but decided to keep" problem. I think we'd be a whole lot more successful in our store if I didn't keep so much of the goodies!


Congrats on your big girl turning 11!! I remember 11, feeling you're very big but also liking "kids" stuff. I played with Barbies still at that age and loved it.
Lovely finds for you this weekend, I was also happy with my finds: inspired by you, I found (and bought) some vintage glitter! It's really nice because it has much larger particles than what I normally buy new. It was 70 cents. And a large piece of fabric, I want to sew some drawstring bags for toys with it, it was €1. Also a vintage knitting book, so pleased with that one, also €1. We went to a thrift store that is always so nice, it belongs to a goodwill organisation and is run by lovely elderly ladies. It is one of the few thrift stores around here where you can still find vintage things, because the elderly ladies probably have their friends bringing stuff in, haha.
So, have a really nice day with Carys and celebrate!


Love the calculator. Love the clock. Love the camera. Love the crystal. And love the cloth! And Happy Birthday Cerys!!


Besides picking up small items and bags of children's outter wear to resell (not sure how yet) I am still sorting my stash with the idea of stocking my etsy shelves.
My first camera was a Brownie Bullet! More square than your Target as I remember.
I understand flip numbers on a clock (used one for years) but not sure what you mean about "wheel of numbers"- is it that the hour and minutes are one face?
Love the sparkle of the crystal necklace but for those of us "older" readers, the mention of 70s and vintage in the same phrase sounds so harsh. Wait until people start referring to the 90s as vintage! "Oh that's so pre-millenium!" (last millenium?)

Happy Birthday Cerys!

Shopping Golightly

We share more than birthdays! My father too gave me a Brownie camera; a smaller one given to him as a Boy Scout. During the holidays we hang it in the living room as call it "The Papa Cam" to serve as a third eye on the girls.


How nice to spend some time with your dad that way! The camera is really wonderful. It looks great as a bookend. Love the Vera napkins, too.

I knew a girl named Karis in grade school, pronounced the same, spelled differently. Happy birthday to your girl!


Happy birthday to your girl...and what a nice gift from your dad! I'm so glad your mom is doing much better. That is a blessing. If you don't mind me asking, what sort of herbal supplements is she taking that is helping with the chemo and her overall health? I'd like to pass the info over to my mother...


This necklace is beautiful!

Happy birthday to your sweet little/big girl!


I am so happy to hear about your mom, such great news! I really believe in herbal supplements in tandem with the chemo.

That calculator is very cool, I really like the photograph!


Geekery is such a great word. ;)
Nice finds!


Happy Birthday to Cerys and wonderful news about your mom! That camera is a fun find! Those napkins are great too. ;)


We had a grand total of 2 sales this weekend, before the snow hit. I managed to find 8 pieces of sterling flatware for $5. I thought that was awesome!
Happy Birthday to BOTH of you!!


First of all, Happy Birthday Cerys! What a wonderful age to be - 11. :-)

this post really highlights your skill as a photographer. LOVE the photo of the crystal necklace. the camera is too cool, too.

and i also thrifted this weekend with my mom and found a fabulous tweed/plaid poorboy hat, fully lined (i have 3 now, all in different colours) for $4. made me happy all weekend wearing it.


I love the gadgets! You really found some fun stuff!

Del Owen

Belated Happy Birthday to Cerys, your Welsh Pixie! :oD I'm Welsh as is my mother. My father was English & Irish. We immigrated here to San Diego when I was 3 back in 1962.

I SO love your blog...your sharing of how you run your resale business, your thrift finds, your home & family life. In fact, it was last summer that I found your blog and was inspired by your post on creating an outdoor room.

For Cerys, I wish her Joy, Imagination, Peace, and Love for her 11th year.

Thank you, Selena, for sharing yourself.

Delyth (yep, my Welsh name)
aka Auntie Del


Are you going to sell the Vera napkins? My friends' last name is Viola and I would like to send them to her. Her birthday is January 10th too! Message me if they're available. Thanks and Belated Happy Birth-day.


Nevermind. I just checked the Little Shop and see they sold already.

Katie Trott

I love the Vera napkins! I recently saw some wedding pictures (on a blog somewhere) that the bride used her huge Vera napkin collection to set her tables for her reception. So colorful and gorgeous!

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