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January 16, 2011



Omg we are so like kindred spirits. Ive been thrifting since im 15 and cant get enough of it! I decorated a garden party several years ago all from thrift store finds. Im definately gonna check out the other blogs.

Terri D

I, too eyed those owls in the sale pictures. I debated if I was going to go. I am so glad I didn't (even though I wanted them badly). I don't think I could have beat you....LOL


And again, I love each item you've found! Especially the art and the drawer for storing your stock. I'm in love with the C Jere Owls, too. I remember you made a beautiful felted wall hanging based on those, I love the imperfect geometric shapes and bright colors. I would have a very hard time selling it, too!


Looks like you had quite the finds Selena! Those enamel owls are great, and that cabinet - love it. Things are a bit crazy here on the weekends, but you continue to inspire me to add estate sales to my list of things to do.

Linda Cloer

OMG! I think the owls you bought are sooooo much pretiter than the one you showed us on ebay! Good luck!


Those owls are a tough call. That's a lot of money to be made, especially since the eBay owls seem to be in less than perfect condition.
Thanks again for hosting Thrift Share Monday!


I was SO excited to see the posting in your shop for the gnome linen (her reminds me of the Tomtem) that I rushed over there without leaving a comment here about your owls. They. Are. Amazing. Truly!


What fabulous treasures you found. I would have bought all of that myself lol


WOW- you had a great week!!! I love all your treausres- the owls are AMAZING & the drawers are great!- I Love vintage orangizers- Happy Monday:)

Leah in FL

I was going to say "keep the owls", but after checking their price on Ebay I see your dilemma. Wow! Do what feels best in your heart - don't feel bad about keeping them though, if you truly love them. :)


I think our find of the weekend was a glockenspiel/xylophone in a case (barely used) for $1. We sold it the SAME DAY on Ebay for $60! That was fun!!
You get so lucky at estate sales, we are very jealous. Around here they are too pricey!!
LOVE the owls - great find!!


Those owls are stunning! What a beautiful find. I hope you make lots of money on them to help with the sting of loosing them!


I love the owls! My camera is on the blink so I can't share my loot from this weekend, but if it is allowed, I can share this old post on some thrifting finds-I'm posting in the comments since it isn't a new find.

Queen of Fifty Cents

It's my belief that we should avoid doing things we will regret. And I think you will regret selling those owls. You can always find other things to sell, and if you get tired of them you can sell them later. You love them. Keep them!

A La Modern

I'm really jealous of the owls - they're so desirable and valuable. Where we are in southern cal, there's no way that would survive in an estate sale. They'd probably just put it right into auction online. C Jere is just too well known by the dealers - I went to a flea mkt this weekend and a dealer was telling her friend that they had set up an estate sale the past weekend where they priced a C Jere (one of the multi-bird hangings) at $1200. They sold it off the wall in the first 5 minutes. Anyhow, that's such a great score!


um, WOW. those owls are unbelieable. how can you bear to part with them? i think this is what would make me a crappy reseller... but your point about buying things you don't love to resell is well taken. do you do alot of research before you head out or while you're there or is it just experience?

the russian ornaments are similar to a box set i picked up when i was in Kiev in 2003. mine are of the onion church tops that are so prevalent in the former soviet union. we pick up christmas ornaments whenever we travel and it's so wonderful to unpack them every year and remember each trip.

alas, i didn't hit one thrift shop this weekend, so i'm empty handed. good thing i can live vicariously through you!


Selena, Congrats on all your treasure finds. Those owls are so totally YOU...I can hear your heart going pit-a-pat all the way from CALI every time you look at them.

My advice---not that you've asked for it, lol: Don't sell them. Keep them--for now. Live with 'em and love 'em. Sell everything else but 'em. Then, in a few months, see if the passion is still there. If it isn't it's always easier to let go, knowing the item goes freely. They look spectacular on your wall and they are soooooooo YOU and ATG; my credo is one perfect thing is But the decision is entirely yours, of course, lol.


Ooooppps, buttah fingers made me delete a line: My credo is: One perfect thing is better than a million close to perfect.

Selena Cate

I dont generally research before going to a sale. I buy things based on what I know and I also use my iphone to look a few items up. Looking things up does slow me down but it can mean the different of a lot of money if I find something valuable. Most of the time more than anything else though I go with my intuition. Thank you for your own experience of Russian ornaments. My grandfather was born in Kiev. I hope to go there one day. Your trip sounds heavenly.
xoxo Selena

Selena Cate

okay, dont tell Dave but Ill put the owls in the back of the queue to be listed on eBay. Maybe by the time I get to list them our money challenges will be flowing in a positive way and they can stay where they are above my mantel. Thanks to everyone who suggested that I keep them. You guys are all the best.
xoxo Selena


Please keep the owls for a while. :) You know where they will be if you need them.


I can totally relate when your heart is racing to get such a great find! Yay, you did it! Love the owls...they are definite keepers (but I also understand how sometimes ya gotta 'em sell, too). The painting is also a wonderful pick up!


So glad to hear the owl aren't on the fast track out of there. They are awesome, Selena! Always loevely to hear about your weekend.


The Owls are amazing indeed, I think you should hold on to them for sure!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm

These "OWLS" are sooooo darn cute!!! Thanks for hosting this fun party.


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