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January 02, 2011



love those plates - they look like robin's eggs. i found a few good books last week, including 'girl with a pearl earring' in mint condition that i gave to an artist friend who has lived in holland, so it was a perfect gift. i have also been itching to thrift, might have to hit my favourite shops tomorrow!
happy new year!


oh and i love the garland - leave the trees!


yeah!! glad you are back!


I think keep the trees and you could sell the speckled plates on ebay?

Carla Sorensen

I bought 3 adorable felt Easter baskets/bags for 20 cents each! That's it, but I was so happy to find something as nice as they are for such a great price! I love giving little gifts to family/friends, which is what I will do with these, with some type of goodies inside. But that is all I found. I only went once, due to the cold weather here and the holidays and I am recovering from knee surgery. :)I always love seeing what you find!


The yarn is terrific, love the colors. I haven't done any thrifting since before Thanksgiving, about time I remedied that.



I have had wonderful luck on Ebay with the melmac types of dishes. Even ones not in great shape. I looked to see what others were doing, and they described the flaws, so that is what I did. They sell great and for good prices too. Especially that color.
Oh, and save the trees! I sold regular mercury glass on Ebay this Christmas, and what I saw in other auctions, is the ones that had things with the mercury glass, sold for higher prices.


LOVE all your finds- but I really love those colorful spoons!!!

A La Modern

Saw the same Xmas slowdown at thrift stores too - have to admit I was getting "thrifty-itch" from not hitting too many over the past couple weeks!

The blue plates are nice - looks like either Laurel or Brusche?


Happy New Year, Selena :) I love those spoons, very cool.


What pretty things! I love the little angels. And the yarn, of course. Those plates are great! If you picnic or camp, they'd be perfect - nonbreakable and fun to use.


This will tell you how my new year is starting - I had no clue today was Monday!
Glad to see so many link ups so I can "shop" from the warmth of home.

Let's Go Thrifting

Oh lovely colorful finds!


The trees are the best part!


Love the spoons, yarn and those plates! I was able to get some thrifting done with my mother-in-law. I'm hoping to get out this week sometime.

Vicki K

Your eyes are attracted to the best colors!


love the plates they remind me of speckled bird eggs..egg-cept that eggs are egg-shaped and plates are flat. Anyway lovely things especially the yarn to use as packaging string. :o)

p.s. I'm holding a wee swap on my blog with a Tim Burton theme. I don't need a little birdie to tell me you love his movies. ;o)


Happy new year -- great finds! Thrifting here was suprisingly still good through the holidays. I'm weeks behind in unpacking, cleaning and photographing stuff, though. :(


Happy New Year! I love your finds, great as usual! Definitely leave the trees, makes the mercury beads more unique. Also, I'm sure this is on your radar but do you ever go to Sacks in Petaluma? It can be hit or miss but I've found some great treasures there.

Do you have any suggestions for thrift stores I should go to in Santa Rosa? I rarely go to Santa Rosa but thought it might be a fun thing to do one day. (I've only gone to the 2 in Railroad Square) P.s Understand if you'd rather keep them your "private" spots.


Leave the trees on the garland. If someone doesn't want them they can take them off.

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