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January 06, 2011



That book looks so gorgeous. I would love to own a copy and get inspired to slow down more and try out the old crafts. I don't know if you'd call it a lost art, but I'd really like to start writing letters and notes again. I have some collections of pretty letter paper and note cards, and I've been thinking I should start writing encouraging notes to people in my life, rather than just emails and facebook messages.


That looks so inspiring! I've been using my summer break to get back into the kitchen and sew a bit. I don't have my own craft room just yet, but when I have the apartment to myself I can spread out :) I made stockings this Christmas out of felt - hopefully they'll last us forever. I'd love to learn to bottle! I think that would be the most useful art to learn.

Thanks for your inspiring posts - I enjoy them every day.



I recently started learning how to sew, and while I make tons of mistakes, it is so fulfilling to make something and be able to wear it! It's definitely something I consider a lost art among my generation.

Leah C

Oh that looks pretty *swoon* I'd really like to tackle braided rugs this year - they just sound so nice, frugal and homey.


What an awesome book...would love to win a copy...I am trying to get back to crafting there is so much I want to get done the list never ends...
Have a Blessed day...


Selena, this book looks delightful! I can do most crafts, but one I have never learnt is to crochet. I am hoping to conquer the art this year sometime!

Hope your day is great xo
Rachael @ Squiggly


This really looks like my sort of book. I love your blog, and the thrifting philosophy.


Hello - I just found your blog...this review is really interesting. My nine year old daughter has just learned to sew so this may have some projects I can do with her. Such an incredible skill to have. I love the idea of seasonal ideas too. Lou x


What an awesome giveaway. I am drooling over this book. I'm with Bek on this one about letter writing. With the everything being sent by e-mail, I'm wanting to bring back into my life, sending letters using the postal service.

Jane Symes

This is my passion in life re-educate women back into the way of homemade . And to encourage girls and women, to learn an element of domesticity that brings 'passion and pride' into our heart and soul.


Your review is great, the book looks like a treasure. I want to get back to knitting this year and while I have made afghans and sweaters in years gone by this time I hope to learn to knit socks.



Sweet! It looks like a real treasure!

adriann humphrey

Thanks. I would love to sit and read this book. Love your blog.


This book looks fabulous. Please enter me and thanks to both of youfor sharing.

Cheryl J

Thanks for the review, the book sounds great. please enter me, and thanks for the blog I enjoy reading it.


What a lovely, lovely book!


How beautiful! I had to give up crochet due to arthritis so I am trying to learn to sew. I would also love to knit more than scarves and hats! Thank you for such a lovely, inspiring blog, Dee

LuAnn @ Back Home Again

I'm new to your blog and have really been enjoying your posts the last week or so. Indigo Junction has always been a favorite of mine so full of vintage inspiration. This book is certainly on my list of books to purchase this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Melissa A.

I have been witing to see this book. Thanks for sharing with us. I would love to win this.

Susan Greene

This book looks so inspiring. I have always love crafting of every sort. I am discoving how to preserve and grow my own food, a lost art in my linage. I love the simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. Hope I win this wonderful book.


that book such visual eye candy for me. I love when I can get inspired to go back to the past, when things weren't so hard to manage (well, maybe they were but not like they are today). Sometimes I just want to chuck it all and start wearing aprons and sitting with my kids in front of a radio program where there is NO coputer, tv, cable, videogames, etc.


I happened on a huge box of vintage trim at a church sale this past summer and fell in love, so I'm excited to see your review. The book looks gorgeous, Selena, and I have to admit that a lovely cover is a huge draw for me, too.


What a fabulous book! I am so mad at myself for not taking more time (and patience!) and learning how to tat from my grandmother.

Robin ;-)

This books looks delightful! I can't wait to have it! I am wanting to learn to knit and make a quilt. One of the "lost" arts we actually do at our house is canning - green beans, tomatoes, pickles, salsa, applesauce, etc. There is nothing better than having items from our garden nearly everyday!

Suzan Perkins

My daughter and I would spend many hours with this delightful book. Holly and I belong to the group, Oklahoma Home Community and Education, which started in 1930 by farm women underneath the shade of a grand oak tree on Oklahoma State University campus. Their husbands and sons attended land grant classes on farming, etc. I enjoy your blog, great tips.

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