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February 02, 2011


Cyndy Wise

Very pretty apron. I checked out her store and just love those doll quilts too!

Cyndy Wise

Clicked the link to follow Katie on FB too. I clicked to add her as a Friend.

Rachael Robinson

Oh sweet vintage loveliness! I never get tired of seeing a wonderful vintage apron. Each one is its own work of art.

oh so fun!


My heart leapt! when I saw the rose apron! I collect vintage aprons (among too many other things!) and am always on the lookout for rose covered absolute favorite. Okay....going to check out Katie's site. Uh Oh...I sense another daily habit coming on!


Cute apron! I checked out Katie's Etsy store (love the hankie pillow the best) and followed her on twitter. Also checked out her blog...thanks for the diversion - gotta go work now haha!


What a sweet giveaway, I love vintage aprons! My girls wear them when they help cook or bake. I'll be sure to check out her shop today.


very pretty


Her designs are just beautiful. I love the little pillows that she has on her web store.


I'm now following her on facebook.


Following on Twitter as well


Very cute! I would love to win this apron...


What a beautiful apron. Heading to her site right now. :D


I adore aprons...I have several and always welcome more!


I love her style, and this apron is beyond sweet! I'll follow her on twitter and facebook later today :)

Emily Keaton

What a completely lovely apron! I'm heading over to visit her store now.


Beautiful apron, I adore the fabric!


Such a cute apron!


And I'm now following along on facebook.

I also added her on my blog reader because I'm like that.


Such a beautiful store with neat-o things (:

Sue H.

I'd love to win this apron!

Shelley Davis

What a darling apron. I am in love. How cute is that scalloped hem? I would love to win this. I went to Katie's shop. I love her little tee she made with the scotty dog.
I would love, love to win this.
Thank you,

Shelley Davis

I am now following Katie on Facebook as well.

How very sweet and old-fashioned! I would love for that apron to be mine. :)


What a beautiful apron! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

That's a lovely apron! My grandmother had a whole stack of floral aprons. I wonder what ever happened to them... Hmm.

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